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Thank You, Undertaker

WWE Network aired a documentary about the Undertaker. So this piece is a Thank you and the three biggest takeaways from the entire series, The Last Ride.

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WWE: Fantasy Booking the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

This Sunday is the WWE PPV, Elimination Chamber. And that got me thinking about if I were fantasy booking the event, who would I place inside the namesake structure. So below are the names of the women involved with my fantasy booked Elimination Chamber match. 

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Laracuente Ledger’s Top 18 PPV Wrestling Matches of 2018 Part 2

In the world of professional wrestling, 2018 has been a monumental year. We have seen so many great matches and incredible story arcs develop. From groundbreaking events like ALL IN and WWE Evolution, we have seen a change in the landscape. Now this list is only matches that I have watched. And I will list them from best to the greatest. Because there isn’t a bad match on the list. So let’s not waste any more time. Here is Part 2 of The Laracuente Ledger’s Top 18 PPV Wrestling Matches of 2018.

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WWE: Be On the Lookout in 2019

The WWE has a roster stacked with big names and quality competitors. But many of the best talent that the WWE have under their umbrella aren’t being used to their full potential. In this list, we will look at ten “Superstars” under the WWE banner that we should be looking out for in 2019.

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Why WWE Makes It So Hard To Be A Wrestling Fan

The WWE is the leader in the world of professional wrestling, oops I mean “Sports Entertainment.” And it is because of this that fans of professional wrestling struggle with the product so much in the current climate. But some significant factors contributing to the decline of interest in the product that the WWE is putting on week after week. And we examine a few of those reasons now.