MLB Canceled for 2020?

Rob Manfred stated there would be MLB but now is unsure. So now the question must be posed if we will have baseball at all in 2020?

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NXT Takeover XXV Recap

NXT Takeover specials have been something special and a reason to purchase the WWE Network. And as expected NXT Takeover XXV delivered the kind of brilliance that has become a staple of these Network specials. Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong Laracuente Ledger Rating: 4.75/5 Predicted Winner: Matt Riddle Actual Winner: Matt Riddle This matchup is […]

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WWE: 3 Help Us, Helps Them Fixes

The WWE may finally be forced to do what it should have been doing all along. And that is listen to its fans. The WWE has finally had it’s hand forced. And now have to listen to their audience. So we help them out with three things they can do to help us, help them.

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Why WWE Makes It So Hard To Be A Wrestling Fan

The WWE is the leader in the world of professional wrestling, oops I mean “Sports Entertainment.” And it is because of this that fans of professional wrestling struggle with the product so much in the current climate. But some significant factors contributing to the decline of interest in the product that the WWE is putting on week after week. And we examine a few of those reasons now.

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How to Understand the Game: Deciphering Sports

Challenges help us grow in life. And one challenge I wanted to conquer was figuring out sports. I know to others this isn’t hard to do, but coming from a family who doesn’t play or watch- it’s foreign. When I told people, especially my family about my new year’s resolution-they all laughed at me. I […]

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Reflections of A Baseball Fan

With the start of the regular season officially less than a week away let’s take this moment to take a final breath before the grind that is the Major League Baseball season. As die hard baseball fans we live and breathe our teams. Their victories are our victories, their defeats are our defeats. If you’re […]