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3 Takeaways from Yankees 6th Game of 2020

The 2020 season continued for the Yankees tonight. So we’ll breakdown our three most significant takeaways from the Yankees 6th game of the season.

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MLB: Top 10 Relief Pitchers Right Now 2019

Every year MLB Network puts on a series entitled “Top 10 Right Now” at each position in the game of baseball. And over the years I have joined along and made my list. Now before last season, it didn’t mean much beyond being a personal exercise. Last year having had, I now have a platform to display my list. And this year I’ll be keeping with the decade-long tradition. I follow along with MLB Network and release my list as they air the corresponding episode of each position. So we begin with the Top 10 Relief Pitchers Right Now.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

A lot has been made over Dellin Betances’ inability to hold and subsequently throw out runners after the March 31st fiasco and his inconsistently in trying to hold leads since then. Single. Steal second. Steal third. Then steal HOME. @KPILLAR4 doing it all himself. — MLB (@MLB) March 31, 2018 The Yankees and more […]

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Reflections of A Baseball Fan

With the start of the regular season officially less than a week away let’s take this moment to take a final breath before the grind that is the Major League Baseball season. As die hard baseball fans we live and breathe our teams. Their victories are our victories, their defeats are our defeats. If you’re […]

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To Extend Or Not To Extend That Is The Question

Late last week the Houston Astros gave the reigning American League Most Valuable Player a 5 year $151 Million dollar contract extension. This got me thinking about who the New York Yankees should give a contract extension to and what that contract could look like. Who’s Getting Extended ? So let’s set some guidelines before […]