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Wade-ing Through the Water: A Tyler Wade Profile

Tyler Wade is in the midst of the toughest battle in his young baseball career, he along with six others now including the recent signing of Neil Walker are competing for the “Opening Day” starting second base job for the New York Yankees. In this competition that will probably come down to the last day […]

MLB NY Yankees

Early News Notes and Observations from Yankee Spring Training

The first few games of the Grapefruit League spring season have been played and the Yankees have played well. Truly there aren’t really many spots open on this 2018 New York Yankees team. There is a real battle for the second base job and to a much lesser extent after the trade for Brandon Drury […]

MLB NY Yankees

New York Yankees Season Preview

The New York Yankees finished the 2017 season one game short of the World Series. The team however wasn’t given much hope of a playoff chance at the outset of the season. ¬†The 2017 New York Yankees were supposed to be a rebuilding team. A team not yet ready to compete for the playoffs and […]

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Hope Springs Eternal

Spring Training is a time of renewed hope and optimism and this season will be no different on that front. Spring Training Games begin Friday, these games are the first chance to see how teams will shake out. To see if your club is “racing to the bottom” to quote Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto. […]

MLB NY Yankees

2018 MLB Season Awards Predictions

The 2018 MLB season is about to get underway as Spring Training games begin on Friday February 23rd. So before the season begins I want to give my year end awards and then see just how close (or lack thereof I was). I challenge you to put together a list this week before Spring games […]

MLB NY Yankees

18 In 18: New York Yankees Edition The Storylines for the 2018 Season

#1 HOW WILL AARON BOONE DO? Aaron Boone is the new man at the helm of the Yankees lineup card. The question is how will he and the his coaching staff set the lineup. How will he handle the first losing streak ? How will he deploy the bullpen arms ? What will his style […]

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Will We Have Baseball in 2021

Pitchers and catchers have reported and thus begins the war of attrition that is the grueling MLB season. 162 games, a marathon’s marathon, but no matter what clich√© you want to use to describe it baseball is a long season. Spring Training is the beginning. This Spring however is unlike any in recent memory. Many […]

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18 In 18: The Storylines For The 2018 MLB Season

The 2018 MLB season will have a lot of interesting storylines so here are 18 storylines (In no particular order) to look forward to this coming season. #1 SHOHEI OHTANI: CAN THE 2 WAY PLAYER SUCCEED ? Shohei Ohtani the “Babe Ruth of Japan” will attempt to be a Two Way player: Pitcher and Hitter. […]

MLB NY Yankees

Laracuente Ledger’s Pre-Spring Training World Series Prediction

Obviously, this is early and a lot can change between now and Opening Day, (Which should be a National Holiday, by the way). The PECOTA team projections were released on Wednesday February 7th and thus giving way to predictions of World Series matchups. These are the projections from PECOTA In my book some values are […]