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Thank You, Undertaker

WWE Network aired a documentary about the Undertaker. So this piece is a Thank you and the three biggest takeaways from the entire series, The Last Ride.

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Real “Super Showdown” in Wrestling

This coming Friday the WWE will once again venture to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So along with that trip comes another controversial event. This time the event is entitled “Super Showdown.” And while the card has some “Super” names on it, the showdown will not be received in quite that manner. But that’s not […]

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5 Significant Takeaways from AEW Press Event

Last night All Elite Wrestling held a press conference. And it was at this conference that we learned some huge news. So today we will tell you the 5 most significant pieces of news regarding All Elite Wrestling. And listen to the Laracuente Ledger Podcast on Friday, January 10th for more thoughts on AEW.

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Wrestlemania 34 Recap

This year’s Wrestlemania was a solid show. As with every WWE “Pay Per View,” we had some highs and some lows. So let’s break down this year’s Show of Shows. Kick-off Show Andre “The Giant” Memorial Battle Royal Laracuente Ledger Rating: 🌟1/2 This match has been set up differently than the Royal Rumble as all […]

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My Ultimate Wrestlemania Matchup List

So with Wrestlemania right around the corner, and having already put together the list of matches I would have for this year’s card. I decided it would be fun to put together an ultimate Wrestlemania matchcard together. So anyone past or present would be eligible to be included as well as wrestlers who have never […]

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My 2018 Mania Match List

Wrestlemania is coming quickly and while some storylines are taking shape while others are very much undecided. So taking the initiative here are my ideas for the Wrestlemania Match List. As this is fantasy booking I decided to book 15 matches. This list are matches that may be actual possibilities. So anyone not currently under […]

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4 Corners for a Successful WWE in 2018

Here we are another year begin and leads to another “Road to Wrestlemania”. With the new year comes so many resolutions of change. A promise to change in health, wealth, and to get rid of bad company and even worse habits yet by three weeks in…we’ve reverted by to our lackluster previous state of being. […]