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MLB Returning?

Reports broke about MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred enacting his power for a shortened season. So we are going to have an MLB season. So here’s what we know.

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MLB: My Would be Hall of Fame Ballot

Nevertheless, the Baseball Writers Association of America has the distinct honor and duty to vote in who they feel are deserving. And while I do not have an official vote, I wanted to give my opinion as to who I think deserves to be an MLB Hall of Famer. And to add my opinion about the Hall of Fame, the Baseball Hall of Fame is the only one that truly matters. But let’s not hesitate any longer here are my picks for the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Reflections of A Baseball Fan

With the start of the regular season officially less than a week away let’s take this moment to take a final breath before the grind that is the Major League Baseball season. As die hard baseball fans we live and breathe our teams. Their victories are our victories, their defeats are our defeats. If you’re […]

MLB NY Yankees

Shifting the Mindset on the Shift

There is a saying in the world of baseball that the ball will always find the man who is out of position. Which makes all the shifting in baseball a true test of a ball player’s skill. The idea of shifting really wasn’t something that was done all that often throughout the history of baseball. […]