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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Mets 9/3/2020

The Yankees continued their season with a makeup game against the New York Mets. So we continue to being out three takeaways from the game.

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A Glorious Beginning

In yesterday’s Opening Day performance the New York Yankees emerged victorious winning 6-1 against the TorontoBlue Jays. This victory was highlighted by the outstanding debut of the newest Yankee Giancarlo Stanton. This is why Twitter is the best. John Sterling's home run call was actually: "Giancarlo, non si può stopparlo!", which is in Italian: "Giancarlo, […]

MLB NY Yankees

18 In 18: New York Yankees Edition The Storylines for the 2018 Season

#1 HOW WILL AARON BOONE DO? Aaron Boone is the new man at the helm of the Yankees lineup card. The question is how will he and the his coaching staff set the lineup. How will he handle the first losing streak ? How will he deploy the bullpen arms ? What will his style […]

MLB NY Yankees

Could A New Dynasty Be On The Horizon?

The New York Yankees will embark on the 2018 season in less than 85 days, which makes this a good time to examine what could be their mark on the baseball world in 2018. The Yankees have for all intensive purposes completed what no one imagined possible, rebuild in a big market city without suffering […]