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2010-19′ Top 10 Most Emotional MLB Moments

As the year and decade are ending, I wanted to boil this list down to my Top Ten Most Emotional MLB Moments from 2010-2019.

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MLB: Top 10 Shortstops Right Now 2019

Every year MLB Network puts on a series entitled “Top 10 Right Now” at each position in the game of baseball. And over the years I have joined along and made my list. Now before last season, it didn’t mean much beyond being a personal exercise. Last year having had, I now have a platform to display my list. And this year I’ll be keeping with the decade-long tradition. I follow along with MLB Network and release my list as they air the corresponding episode of each position. So we begin with the Top 10 Shortstops Right Now.

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MLB News Notes and Mailbags: Week of 6/1-6/7

As another week passes we edge closer to the MLB AllStar game and the trade deadline. With clubs having a better understanding of where they reside on the “Win-Curve” we can expect some moves to start being made. So we take a look at some highlights from the past week in Major League Baseball

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All Smiles In The Bronx As Bats Come Alive.

The 2018 Bronx Bombers are starting to heat up. They are beginning to play like the team everyone envisioned at the outset of the season. The Yankees heading into tonight’s contest against the Minnesota Twins the Yankees record is 13-9 and have won four straight games. They also have a run differential of +31 which […]