Get 2 Know The Laracuente Ledger

Laracuente Ledger is something that I’ve had on my mind to start over the last few years but wasn’t really sure if it was an avenue I was truly interested in pursuing. However, in this new year it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and start venturing into new areas. So I will begin with giving my thoughts, opinions and ideas on a number of different topics. Now the areas that I will spend the majority of my time covering will be the MLB, a lot of coverage on the New York Yankees (my favorite team), the world of professional wrestling and also different aspects of the entertainment realm i.e. movies, tv shows, video games and music.

I hope to spark all of your interest with compelling work here on this site. Also I welcome feedback and comments. Anyone who has a different opinion on a piece let me know, I enjoy a healthy respectful debate. I will also host a couple of podcast that will be associated with this blog coming this year. I look forward to hearing from and interacting with everyone. Welcome and thank you for subscribing and becoming a member of the Laracuente Ledger Universe.

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