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We’re Expanding. Are You Interested ?

The Laracuente Ledger is looking to expand it’s reach and it’s influence. We are looking to bring on new contributors to help grow our fan base and to give us the ability to branch out and create new and exciting avenues for our content. We are looking for committed people who want to have their […]


Grandest Stage of Dull

Wrestlemania is only a few short weeks away and it is shaping up the have some awesome matches but also some matches that I have no true interest in. It’s sad but when fans of the “sports entertainment” world are supposed to be focused on the biggest and best show of the year I for […]

MLB NY Yankees

News Notes and Observations from Yankees Camp 3/9

There has been an a lot of conversations over the past few days about two things surrounding reigning AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge. These conversations stem from his idea of being “One and done” in regards to the Homerun Derby and secondly the idea of Judge batting leadoff. So before we cover the […]

MLB NY Yankees

Each MLB Team’s X Factor in 2018

Going into every season every Major League Baseball team has expectations. For some clubs it’s all about getting to and hopefully winning the World Series. For other clubs it’s about transitioning the roster into a potential contender in the least amount of time possible. Along with the overall expectations of the teams, there are players […]

MLB NY Yankees

Who Makes the Cut ?

So one of the many New York Yankees related podcast that I listen to is the Talking’ Yanks podcast. And on Twitter they placed a thought provoking tweet. How do you fill out the last 4 spots on the roster? We talked through all the scenarios on todays episode. Listen to that here […]

MLB NY Yankees

Shifting the Mindset on the Shift

There is a saying in the world of baseball that the ball will always find the man who is out of position. Which makes all the shifting in baseball a true test of a ball player’s skill. The idea of shifting really wasn’t something that was done all that often throughout the history of baseball. […]

MLB NY Yankees

Only a Championship Will Suffice

Excitement is building, the anticipation is growing for the New York Yankees 2018 season. The Yankees jumped out early securing the NL MVP and then followed that up by resigning CC Sabathia. The last move the Yankees made just before the start of Spring training was acquiring Brandon Drury in a three team trade with […]


The Ledger Spotlight: Chris Grant Jr

Chris Grant Jr is an up and coming musical artist. Chris is studying to better his craft at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Grant Jr was a former voice over actor on the Nickelodeon show “Backyardigans” as the voice of Tyrone. Chris also has a EP out now entitled “Departure Pt 1”. The […]

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The Art of Simplicity by Chris Grant Jr

The Art of Simplicity was a piece written by Chris Grant Jr for his Music History Class at Berklee College of Music. Chris Gran t Jr is a up and coming musical artist/entrepreneur. Later in the week Laracuente Ledger will be having an exclusive interview with Chris Grant Jr. So be on the lookout for […]