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5 Unsurprising “Surprise” Entrants for the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble

On January 28th 2018 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania the WWE will have their annual event on the Road to Wrestlemania….The Royal Rumble. This year will be a special event as it will mark the first time in history that there will be a Women’s Royal Rumble match. If you have ever seen the Men’s Royal Rumble […]

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A Ballad of Truth, Opinion and Controversy: My Unofficial Hall of Fame Ballot

Let’s address this first I do not have a vote for the MLB Hall of Fame this is just my personal opinion and I expect there to be a lot of debate about this topic and no two list will be the same. I compiled my list based on my own personal opinions of the […]


A Wild Card in Philly ?

Finishing with a record of 66-96 the third worse record in the Major Leagues last season the Philadelphia Phillies have nowhere to go but up. The season had it’s share of heartache but also had some things that can leave you optimistic if you’re a Phillies fan. So in this off-season preview let’s dive in […]

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4 Corners for a Successful WWE in 2018

Here we are another year begin and leads to another “Road to Wrestlemania”. With the new year comes so many resolutions of change. A promise to change in health, wealth, and to get rid of bad company and even worse habits yet by three weeks in…we’ve reverted by to our lackluster previous state of being. […]

MLB NY Yankees

Could A New Dynasty Be On The Horizon?

The New York Yankees will embark on the 2018 season in less than 85 days, which makes this a good time to examine what could be their mark on the baseball world in 2018. The Yankees have for all intensive purposes completed what no one imagined possible, rebuild in a big market city without suffering […]