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Yankees Should Trade for Cody Bellinger

The Chicago Cubs haven’t been playing like world-beaters or even like division winners. At the time of this writing, Chicago is 21-26 with a 3-7 record over their last ten games. And while Chicago is in a winnable division, it won’t be an easy win. More than likely, the surging St. Louis Cardinals will push past them by the trading deadline. Thus the Chicago Cubs should trade Cody Bellinger. And the New York Yankees are the perfect destination.


The New York Yankees are a team on the rise after a bit of a cold start to the 2023 season. At the time of this writing, New York has a record of 30-20, won five straight games, and are 8-2 over their last ten games. The Yankees have also dealt with a glaring hole in their offensive and defensive lineups, left field. New York recently designated Aaron Hicks for assignment, eliminating one of their roster albatrosses. However, their “everyday” left fielder, Oswaldo Cabrera, just hasn’t hit enough to maintain his anemic bat in the lineup. That’s where Bellinger comes in.


Cody Bellinger is an outfielder capable of playing center field. Left field is the primary position of need. Yankee Stadium’s left field plays like a center field in most places, with its expansive “Death Valley” in the left-center field. Cody is a plus defender and also a plus-base runner. Bellinger would provide depth in center field on the days Harrison Bader needs a day off. And the Yankees wouldn’t skip a beat defensively while still protecting Aaron Judge from playing the grueling position of center field. Adding Bellinger would give the Yankees arguably the best defensive outfield in MLB today.


Cody Bellinger is a lefty batter, which provides more balance to the Yankees’ offensive lineup. Bringing Bellinger sweet aggressive swing to the Bronx would result in some majestic home runs. Imagine, if you will, a lineup that includes DJ LeMahieu, Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Giancarlo Stanton, Bellinger, Bader, Gleyber Torres, Anthony Volpe, and Jose Treviño. This lineup would rake and instill fear in opposing pitchers. A lineup like this would also possess guys who can battle and grind throughout each and every at-bat.


To best estimate a potential trade between the Cubs and Yankees, we use And while not exactly the method used by baseball GMs (it might be, we don’t exactly know), it’s a good indicator of what could be a possible trade. Bellinger is coming off of some rough seasons in LA with the Dodgers. And while Cody goes off to a solid start with the Cubs, he’s currently on the IL. Something that could be used as a tool by Brian Cashman to keep the cost down. A trade that should pique the Cubs’ interest while not depleting the farm system would be Bellinger for Matt Sauer. Sauer is a twenty-four-year-old right-handed pitcher currently on the Yankees Double-A roster. Below is the values provided by estimated trade value according to


Cody Bellinger to the New York Yankees would give the Yankees the edge they need to reclaim the AL East division. The Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles are playing unprecedented levels of baseball so far this season. And the Yankees started less than stellar. However, since Judge returned from the IL, the Yankees have taken off, and both the Rays and Orioles have returned to the pack just enough to be within the Yankees’ sights. Another week to ten days of playing like they have the last ten days, and the Yankees will have the division in hand. Trading for Cody Bellinger could give the Bronx Bombers the edge to run away with the AL East and American League.

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