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3 Takeaways from the Minnesota Twins Pablo Lopez Trade

Yesterday we covered the first half of this trade between the Minnesota Twins and the Miami Marlins. This article will examine three takeaways from the Twins’ end of the trade.


The Minnesota Twins starting rotation was already deep before Lopez was acquired. However, what the Twins’ rotation lacked was stability. There were many injury concerns in their rotation. The Twins help mitigate some of their potential rotational woes by adding Pablo Lopez. Lopez also adds strength to the front end of their rotation. The Venezuelan-born pitcher is excited about the opportunity to pitch where his countryman, Johan Santana, made his name.


When the trade news broke, it seemed odd to see the Twins move someone so pivotal to their lineup. Arraez won the batting average crown in 2022 with a batting average of .316. However, as much of a “throwback” player, as Arraez was as a contact hitter, he didn’t provide much else in offensive value. Luis wasn’t a player that hit for power or had blistering speed. Arraez has also proven himself to be a below-average defender, no matter what position he’s playing.

We covered the Marlins’ portion of this trade in a previous article. In that article, we discussed how much of an overpay the Marlins made to acquire Luis Arraez. In that return was the Marlins’ number five prospect, Jose Salas. The inclusion of Salas in the deal works out tremendously in favor of the Twins. According to, the value of Salas alone would have been close enough to acquire Arraez. And while BTV isn’t 100% accurate, it’s a good indication of which deals not to make. And the Marlins shouldn’t have made the deal. But it works out in favor of Minnesota.


The Minnesota Twins had a disappointing season in 2022 and will look to rectify that in 2023. By acquiring Pablo Lopez for the rotation, resigning Carlos Correa, signing Joey Gallo, and trading for Kyle Farmer, amongst other moves, the Twins give themselves a chance to regain the AL Central Division. Minnesota won’t have an easy battle with the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox, but they have a formidable opportunity to win the division. Acquiring Pablo Lopez gives Minnesota a serious frontline pitcher to add to an impressive team.

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