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3 Reasons to Watch Wrestlemania

This weekend the wrestling world takes center stage with Wrestlemania. So with that in mind, here are three reasons to be excited for Wrestlemania.

Stone Cold Returns

While at the time of this writing, we don’t know whether Stone Cold will have a match or be involved in a talking segment. But no matter what type of interaction Austin will be in, it will be an incredible moment. Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t been involved in a “match type” scenario in 19 years. With Wrestlemania taking place in Dallas, Texas, there was little doubt that Stone Cold would make an appearance. But to get confirmation of some physical engagement from the Texas Rattlesnake will make Wrestlemania even more exciting.

Battle of the Titans

The main event of Mania will feature the unification of the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns will take on Brock Lesnar again at Wrestlemania. However, this time the roles are reversed, and we are witnessing the best version of Roman Reigns. And we are also being blessed with an absolutely hilarious version of Brock Lesnar. There’s little question that this match will be an all-out war once the bell rings. To coin the phrase of former WWE announcer Jim Ross, this match will be a slobber knocker.

The Tribal Chief persona for Roman Reigns has been untouchable. This heel version of Reigns has so much freshness to the character, much more than any face run for Reigns. Witnessing Paul Heyman betray Brock Lesnar for Reigns was a sight to behold because Heyman and Lesnar seemed like a perfect match. And yet somehow, while differently, Heyman seems even more suited to being paired with Reigns. Years ago, I wrote an article about the idea of pairing a heel Reigns with Paul Heyman. And this partnership has worked out even better than I could have imagined. A heel, Roman Reigns is a money printer for WWE. And we’ll see it on display at Wrestlemania.

Mystery of Rollins

In a strange build, Seth Rollins was building a feud towards a Wrestlemania match without actually naming an opponent. This mystery has several rumors as to who could fill that spot. Some rumors name former AEW star Cody Rhodes, while others say that Shane McMahon will be Rollins’ opponent. No matter who the match ends up being against, having a question mark going into the showcase of the immortals makes for intrigue. And therefore just another reason to watch Wrestlemania.


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