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Top 5 Triple H Moments

With Triple H’s recent in-ring retirement announcement, many people reminisced about HHH’s career. Thus the idea for this article came to fruition. So we will look at my Top 5 Triple H moments. These moments will be in no particular order.


Triple H would suffer a severe injury in May 2001 and be out of action until January 2002. However, when HHH returned, things were unknown for him. When he went out with the injury, he was a heel. But the babyface reaction upon his return was incredible. To compound the emotions further at this moment, Triple H’s return would take place in “the world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden. Hunter’s return was amazing, and I still get goosebumps watching it back now, even after all these years.


Triple H has been involved in some controversial segments. (I promise, Katie Vick is not on this list.) However, another moment that would definitely cause a more considerable stir today than it did when it aired was the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Andrew “Test” Martin. This was an absolutely wild segment because of how it all when down. And the innuendos and implications of the actions that transpired. This moment stood out because it led into the “McMahon-Helmsley” era. And no matter how you feel about that timeframe, Triple H dominated that time, and this moment kicked it off.


Arguably one of the greatest matches I’ve ever watched Triple H compete in was his 3 Stages of Hell match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. HHH and Stone Cold would beat and batter each other viciously during the No Way Out PPV. Watching this match during my youth led me to believe that these men were legitimately trying to kill each other. Also adding to this match was the build that led to this match. Triple H (& DX) would battle with Stone Cold for much of the last year, culminating in this match. Builds to important matches were so much better during this era. And this match just solidified both performers as legends of WWE.


After a four-year hiatus, Shawn Michaels’s first match back in WWE would come against his “former” best friend, Triple H. Hunter, and Shawn would bash each other from end to end. And nothing would be off-limits. Shawn Michaels would be taken to his limits and emerge victoriously. But why this match stood out to me as one of Hunter’s best was because of the emotions that came with HHH’s betrayal of Michaels that led to this match.

End of an Era

The final moment on this Triple H countdown is the Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. With Shawn Michaels drawing duties as the special guest referee, Triple H came close to defeating the Undertaker, who was still undefeated at the Showcase of the Immortals (at that time.) The brutality left both men with battle scars and was an incredible depiction of physical storytelling. Watching this match unfold the way it did brought out the best in Triple H. Thus, making it a must for this countdown.


There were a few other moments involving Triple H that are worth mentioning. The Wrestlemania match versus Sting comes to mind. While not necessarily being the competitor fans wanted, facing Sting (that would be the Undertaker), Triple H, and DX taking on Sting with help from the NWO would be a very cool visual.

Another moment involving Triple H would be when DX tried to invade WCW. This was a wild moment during a tumultuous era in professional wrestling; the Monday Night Wars were raging. And WCW and WWE were in the midst of a heated battle, and this moment was insane to watch as a pro wrestling fan because it felt so unbelievable that we could be seeing this happening.

And lastly, it has to be mentioned was the massive part that HHH played in the rebuilding of NXT. The “Black and Gold” brand was at one point the hottest commodity in professional wrestling (and/or sports entertainment.) It wasn’t just that NXT had the best names from the indies or other promotions, but it was building stars amidst the growing roster. Homegrown talent and stars brought in from elsewhere all wanted to be a part of NXT. Storylines were well thought out, rivalries were correctly built and fulfilled to competition. HHH had a big hand in making the most beloved version of WWE’s “Developmental” brand. These were just some honorable mentions. But if you’re not down with that, then I have two words for ya….comment below.

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