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3 Reasons Trevor Story to Red Sox Works

There hasn’t been much news involving the Boston Red Sox throughout this short, fast-paced offseason. But now, a few days into Spring Training games, the Red Sox have made a big move. Boston has signed Trevor Story to a six-year $140 million deal. So we examine three reasons that BoSox fans should be excited about the Trevor Story signing.

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Reason #1: Playing Second Base

Trevor Story has played Shortstop throughout his Major League career. But with signing on with the Boston Red Sox, Trevor will play second base. Story has dealt with diminished throwing velocity over the few seasons. However, by moving over to second base, the throws to first base aren’t as far or as challenging to make. Thus it would allow Story to regain some of his defensive prowess. Also, if Trevor is fully healthy, the velocities on his throws will likely return to normal and make the Red Sox defense better.

Reason #2: Average Annual Value of only $23.3 Million

Before accruing the luxury tax penalties, the new competitive balance tax of $230 Million can quickly creep up on a team. Having many high-dollar contracts can preclude teams from making more moves. However, this deal for the Red Sox and Trevor Story only adds $23.3 million towards the Red Sox CBT. With only $23.3 million, it won’t stop the Red Sox from being able to make any more moves that they want to make to better the team.

Reason #3: Narrows the Gap in AL East

The American League East has found itself at the competitive end of the Hot Stove season. The Toronto Blue Jays have added quite a few pieces this offseason. Former MVP Josh Donaldson would make his way to New York via trade, among other Yankees’ moves. But the only position player, the Red Sox, brought in this offseason was reuniting with Jackie Bradley Jr. Boston had some needs on the position side of their team. And one such spot was second base. Bringing in Trevor Story now gives the Red Sox a legitimate player at second for at least the next four years.

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