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3 Reasons to Like Josh Donaldson to Yankees

The New York Yankees made their biggest offseason splash via trade. New York traded for Josh Donaldson, alongside Isiah Kiner-Falefa. And while there were questions and mixed reviews on the acquisition, Donaldson is the Yankee’s third baseman for the 2022 season. So we examine three reasons why Yankee fans should be excited by Josh Donaldson in the Bronx.

Reason #1: Former MVP

Is Josh Donaldson the same player he was when he won the award back in 2016? No. But he still provides value to the 2022 Yankees. Donaldson comes in with a wealth of knowledge on the game of baseball. The Yankees’ new third baseman is a baseball junkie. Josh spends his time discussing all aspects of the game of baseball but mostly hitting. Having Josh Donaldson in the dugout is like having another hitting coach capable of aiding anyone on the team.

Reason #2: Only Two Years

Now we must begin with the sour note on this deal, this two-year contract is going to cost the Yankees $50 million. However, if any organization on this side of the Dodgers, can absorb a two-year $50 million contract it’s the Yankees. Having Donaldson on the books for two seasons doesn’t necessarily hinder the Yankees from bolstering the team. Presently, the Yankees have the highest payroll in franchise history. And while Donaldson’s healthy is going to be questioned throughout this deal. There’s no doubt that a healthy Donaldson for two seasons betters the Yankees.

Reason #3: Bold Personality

Over the last half-decade, the New York Yankees have been seen as a much friendlier team. Seemingly long gone are the bold teams of old. The teams that would instill fear in opponents even before taking the field. Teams that were fiery and passionate. Josh Donaldson embodies those intangible factors. Donaldson is a bold and brash player that speaks his mind no matter who it offends.

All offseason, I’ve stated that the Yankees needed a player that plays with attitude and brings that fire. And while I was referring to and clamoring for Carlos Correa, Donaldson also possesses the necessary demeanor. A bold personality in the Bronx is needed to get back to being the feared Evil Empire, not the passive Baby Bombers, we’ve seen the last few seasons.

In Closing

While trading for Josh Donaldson wasn’t on the radar of most Yankee fans at the start of the offseason. There’s little doubt that the first three-run home run that Donaldson hits at Yankee Stadium will bring untold amounts of cheers from the Yankee faithful. And if Josh Donaldson can stay healthy for all of 2022, he will bring the rain to an already thunderous lineup.

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