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3 Reason to Like Kyle Schwarber Signing

While some Philadelphia Phillies fans were hoping to sign Kris Bryant or Carlos Correa this offseason. The Phillies instead signed veteran outfielder and now likely DH, Kyle Schwarber. So we are going to examine three reasons that Phillies fans should be excited about Kyle Schwarber. And check out our video essay on this article on our YouTube channel. (Click here.)

Reason #1: Another Impactful Left-Handed Bat

The Phillies lineup has two lefty bats, reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper and Didi Gregorius. And while Didi is a nice role player to have on your team, his bat isn’t as impactful as it was for a couple of seasons for the Yankees. So the Phillies, who have a predominately right-handed lineup, needed another lefty bat. Adding Schwarber, you add a significant bat to give Harper and Hoskins protection in the lineup.

Reason #2: Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies have one of the nicest ballparks in Major League Baseball. But Citizens Bank Park stands out more for how the ballpark plays rather than its aesthetic appeal. CBP plays like a smaller ballpark with a perfect jet stream to left-centerfield. Having the ballpark play in this manner will also contribute to Schwarber’s success. Kyle has a ton of power in his bat and doesn’t need a small ballpark to hit home runs. But playing in CBP will give him the chance to mash 40 bombs in 2022.

The other aspect of CBP that can help Schwarber is defensively. Because the ballpark is smaller, it is less ground for Schwarbs’ to cover. Yes, Philadelphia will still need a great defensive centerfielder to make up the difference in both right and left field. However, less ground to cover means less chance for errors by Schwarber in the outfield.

Reason #3: Designed Hitter in NL

The addition of the designated hitter in the National League is a much-needed addition. However, most NL teams weren’t adequately prepared for such a role like adding the DH. However, the Philadelphia Phillies are now in possession of a player designed to be the designated hitter. Schwarber has long been a reliable and powerful bat in the Majors. But his liability has always been his defense. And it’s that defense that’s held him back. And while I think the Phil’s will still play Schwarber in the outfield most of the time. Philadelphia would be better served to lock Schwarber into the DH position and not look back.

Kyle Schwarber has a great eye at the plate. And being reunited with hitting coach, Kevin Long will only aid that in 2022. Schwarber’s approach at the dish is tremendous. Schwarber battle and grinds out every at-bat, which is a behavior and play style that the city of Philadelphia and its fans will adore about Kyle Schwarber.

Kyle Will Help

As I said at the top of the article, some Phillies fans will be upset at the idea of losing Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa. But for the best allocations of talent and resources, the Phillies have done a wonderful job of utilizing those assets. Kyle Schwarber will become very beloved in the city of Brotherly Love

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