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3 Takeaways from AEW Revolution

Let’s begin by saying that AEW Revolution was great. There was something for everyone. But that’s not to say the night was perfect, because it wasn’t, but overall it was a spectacular show. So let’s get into the three biggest takeaways from AEW Revolution.


The face of the Revolution ladder match was an incredible showing of different styles. We would see Christian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Orange Cassidy, Keith Lee, and the aforementioned Wardlow. There were several insane highspots in this matchup that stunned the electric crowd. Wardlow would win the match with a scary-looking powerbomb on Ricky Starks on a prone ladder.

However, that wouldn’t be the last we saw of Wardlow, as later on, during the CM Punk and MJF match, Wardlow would make an appearance. Wardlow would come down to the ring with MJF’s Dynamite Diamond Ring. Now, this isn’t something new; Wardlow’s done this before to help Max win. However, this time, MJF would be down after a GTS from Punk, and Wardlow would place the ring on the edge of the apron. CM Punk would take the ring and punch MJF as Max has done to so many before and pick up the victory.


The long-term storytelling in AEW is tremendous. Wrestling has always been known for its storytelling. But over the last couple of decades, WWE seemingly forgot about that fact without competition. And it’s made fans forget, which I believe is part of my fans are gravitating towards AEW so much. And also why fans of AEW are willing to overlook certain inconsistencies with the product. As fans, we’ve given WWE the benefit of the doubt for years; I think we can afford AEW the same latitude.

Wardlow has been the “whipping boy” of MJF and the Pinnacle for several months, probably years, if we’re being completely honest. And last night on AEW Revolution, we would see that come to a head. Following the swerve on MJF, Wardlow will likely be in a program with MJF leading to a match at Double or Nothing in May. We would also look at the dissension between reDRagon and the Young Bucks come to a boiling point. The ongoing feud between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. Long-term storytelling was even presented on the Revolution Buy-In show with Legit Leyla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. When done correctly, long-term storytelling in pro wrestling is a beautiful thing to behold.


Getting back to the long-term storytelling for just a moment, the rise of Hangman Page would take over two years to come to its fruition. It was a beautifully crafted underdog story. Since becoming the AEW World Champion, Page has done nothing but put on incredible showing after incredible showing. The fantastic hour and a half plus spread over two matches with the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson, the insane Texas Deathmatch with the Murderhawk, Lance Archer, and last night with Adam Cole (Bay Bay.) There was very little doubt when AEW began some three years ago that Hangman Page would be the franchise star, but week after week, the “Millennial Cowboy” continues to prove just how talented he truly is, and last night was no different.

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