What’s Next for the Colorado Rockies?

With Jeff Bridich stepping down as the General Manager of the Colorado Rockies, it’s now time to figure out what’s next for the Colorado Rockies!

First things first, we must acknowledge the Jeff Bridich wasn’t the only problem atop the management structure of the Colorado Rockies. Owner Dick Monfort also played a considerable role in the unsuccessful nature of the Rockies over their last three seasons. But now, there is an opportunity to correct these issues and change course for the sake of the fans of the Colorado Rockies.

New General Manager with Insight

The Rockies have stated that an interim GM will run the show until a more permanent solution can be devised. However, simply hiring another run-of-the-mill General Manger will place the Rox right back in this same position in a few years. So Colorado should use this chance to do things a bit differently. Bringing on a new GM must be the top priority. Because with that new GM comes a new vision for the organization.

Whoever the new General Manager is must have a vision for rebuilding this team. And they must also possess the foresight to know that the process will be long and arduous but, if done correctly, rewarding for a long time. Just look at the example of the Miami Marlins since being purchased by Derek Jeter’s group. The new ownership group came in with a plan and executed that plan. And in 2020, we would see some early returns on their plan take place, with Miami reaching the postseason ahead of schedule. The Rockies will need to make similarly difficult decisions on their current talent to better the future. 

Trading Trevor Story and Company

No matter who takes hold of the reigns in the Rockies organization, they need to make some rapid determinations. The July 31st trading deadline will look large for this rebuilding franchise. Trading key players on this team can speed up the rebuild process. Colorado will not have a simple method of fixing what’s broken with this franchise. But gaining the right kinds of assets at the trade deadline can undoubtedly help. 

Trevor Story is, without question, a considerable trade chip for the Rockies. However, the most valuable asset is German Marquez. Marquez is signed through 2023 (with a club option for 2024.) During that span, Marquez will make a mere $26.6 Million with a $2.5 club option. Trading for someone who is considered an ace is always an expensive feat. But for the Rockies, the right deal could significantly lessen their rebuild timetable. 

Direction in Denver 

For Colorado, a true path forward must be decided upon for the organization to rebuild. As they are constructed, the Rox don’t have a plan for contention. Credit must be given to the players as they continue to go out and play hard. They are 6-4 over their last ten games, but it does little to quell their .391 winning percentage. Deciding on a direction to take the franchise following the trades or departures of their best players will force the hand of the new GM. 

Whether the Colorado Rockies try to build around a pitching or position player core will determine the new drafting strategy. Playing at an elevated altitude causes pitches to move differently. Bringing in pitchers whose movements coincide with the higher elevation serves the team in a better way. Finding position players to play at the high altitude is much easier than lure pitchers to Coors Field. And that should be the direction taken by the new regime in Denver. 

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