MLB MLB 3 Up 3 Down (2021) NY Yankees

MLB 3 Up and 3 Down (Week 3)

As the MLB season has completed week 3, we will examine some teams going in the right direction. And some other teams that didn’t fare so well this second week. So for this piece, we will look at three MLB teams going “Up” and three teams going “down.” Three up and three down will be coming out each Monday of the regular MLB season.

1 Up: Oakland Athletics

The Oakland A’s are playing the hottest brand of baseball. Over their last ten games, the A’s have an MLB best 9-1 record. Now, the magic is flowing in Oakland, and the A’s are playing well. But they must A’s must be cautious about their current success. Currently, Oakland find themselves with a -11 run differential. Yes, it is early on in the season, and if the A’s continue this level of play, they will be in the postseason very easily.

1 Down: New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are playing the worst brand of baseball known to man, outside of Colorado. The Yankees have dropped five straight games, they’ve gone 2-8 in their last ten games, and they are -9 in run differential. And when watching the team, you’re surprised that it’s not worse. To say that the Yankees have struggled would be an understatement. Right now, the trend is down for a team expected to be a juggernaut this season.

2 Up: Seattle Mariners

In an early-season surprise, the Seattle Mariners are playing very well. Over their last ten games, the M’s have a record of 7-3. But more importantly, they currently lead the American League West division and tied with an American League-best overall 10-6 record. Seattle, like Oakland, must be cautious as they find themselves in the negatives in terms of run differential. But the Mariners will ride the hot streak until the wheels fall off.

2 Down: Chicago Cubs

Another team expected to be good this season that’s not meeting the standards is the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were once looked at as the next dynasty in baseball following their historic World Series win in 2016. However, as the years have passed, the Cubbies were unable to recapture the magic. And now, in 2021, the Cubs find themselves in a position where their three best players could all be somewhere else next season. The dynasty that could have been is presently fading away.

3 Up: Los Angeles Dodgers

In what is the most obvious and almost unnecessary inclusion on this list, the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing great baseball. The best team in baseball is the Dodgers, and there’s very little debate on that fact. Over their last ten games, they have a record of 8-2 and an overall MLB best record of 13-3. But what’s even more frightening for other teams is that the Dodgers have a run differential of +38, and one can assume that number will only get larger as the season progresses.

3 Down: Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies find themselves at the bottom of the MLB with a record of 4-12. Over their last ten games, the Rockies have a 2-8 record and are -10 in run differential. Colorado was going to struggle this season. The Rockies traded off their best player and franchise star Nolan Arenado. And it’s only a matter of time until their new franchise star Trevor Story gets moved as well. But for now, the Rockies are not playing well, and that’s why they are three down.

BOLO: San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are playing like a team that wants to head back to the postseason. Over their last ten games, the Giants are 7-3 with a positive run differential of +3. The Giants are going to have a difficult time reclaiming the mountain in the National League West divisional race because the champs, the LA Dodgers, remain firmly ensconced in that spot. But it’s a good sign for San Francisco, and if they can keep up this pace, a Wildcard spot will be waiting for them. 

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