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Worrisome Early 2021 New York Yankees Trends

We are witnessing some dangerous/annoying trends through the first few series of the New York Yankees 2021 season. So for this piece, we will discuss these Yankee trends.

Runners In Scoring Position Woes

The New York Yankees find themselves struggling in a critical area for success, getting hits with runners in scoring position. Over the course of the eight games, the Yankees left a whopping 62 runners left of base. A stat that you don’t want to be at the top percentage of as a team. And the Yankees are in the top percentile as a team. If the Yanks are going to find their ultimate success in 2021, they will need to turn this failure into a strength. Otherwise, the Yankees will find themselves on the outside looking in at another World Series matchup.

Coming up with key hits with runners in scoring position would be the calling card of the heat Yankee teams of the dynastic years. For the 2021 Yankees to become as successful (i.e., win the World Series), they will need to step it up in this critical area.

Poor Starting Pitching

Outside of Gerrit Cole, the Yankees Starting Rotation has been dreadful. In order for the Yankees to have a successful season, they will need this pitching staff. But beyond just having a healthy pitching staff, they need them to be effective. Through the eight games that Cole hasn’t pitched, a 6.06 ERA is unacceptable. Yes, the Yankees are cautious with their starters because of injury history. However, if they are going to be in the rotation, they will need to start producing like starters. If not, the Yankees will find themselves on the outside looking in at another World Series.

The Shortstop Situation

Gleyber Torres is a hot-button issue right now in the Yankee Universe. And the reason for such unrest about Gleyber is that defensively he has been awful. Torres was never going to be a standout shortstop; he would never find himself with a highlight video compilation. But Gleyber was expected to make the routine plays at shortstop. And a shortstop that makes all the routine plays can be the shortstop of a World Series-winning team. However, sadly, that’s not been the case with Gleyber Torres. In our article from yesterday, we discussed the possibility of Trevor Story, a rumored potential target for the New York Yankees. If the Yankees decide to make a deal for Story, the Yankees will be better positioned at shortstop if they sign Story long-term.

Again, with the Misleading Injuries

The New York Yankees front office seems to have an aversion to being honest. Whether it’s a strategic move or something wrong in their diagnosis process, we never heard the full story about Yankee injuries. And despite playing, Aaron Judge does not look like Aaron Judge right now. In last night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Judge would make a throw from right field to home plate on a sac fly attempt. The throw would be accurate and in line with home plate. However, the alarming thing about the throw was how the ball traveled; it was a 2-hopper to home plate when we’ve seen Judge make that throw easily in the air to home. And we would also see on the broadcast, Judge almost grimacing and trying to stretch himself out in the outfield following a catch. The Yankees aversion to telling the truth has burned this team before, and it seems as if they are determined to do it again.

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