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Trevor Story is the Answer to Yankees Question?

Since the Yankees and Gleyber Torres’ early struggles, fans and pundits have been discussing Trevor Story. So in this article, we discuss the idea of Trevor Story and the New York Yankees.

The Appeal of Trevor Story

Before the Yankees make a move and render this article invalid and/or unnecessary, we must understand Trevor Story’s appeal. Trevor Story is the very best shortstop in the game, according to MLB Network’s Top 10 Shortstops Right Now. Being the best means that he combines defensive and offensive prowess. Story is also a clubhouse leader that leads by example. The appeal of Trevor Story is the fact that he is an all-around premium player. And anytime that you can add a premiere superstar in baseball, you make a move.

The Value of Trevor Story, Now over Later

When examining how Trevor Story on the New York Yankees would work, we have to figure out his value. Usually, Story would have an extremely high amount of value. However, Trevor is in his “walk-year” with the Colorado Rockies. And when a player is that close to free agency, they test the free-agent waters more often than not. Now, over the last two seasons, we’ve seen major superstar players (Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor) sign big-time contract extensions with their new teams. And if Trevor were to end up on the move soon rather than later, that could also be the case. However, the longer the season goes without a trade, the less likely a team and Story himself would be willing to forgo free agency.

When Should a Deal Go Down?

In deciding what kind of package would be required for Trevor Story, we first have to establish the when of it all. If the Yankees acquire Story now, he will be more expensive in April than in, say, July. However, likewise, he’s more valuable the longer that a team has him in 2021.

How Would a Trade Work?

Looking at the cost of a potential Story deal, however, is where time truly matters. But for this exercise, let’s say that a trade happens soon, within the next couple of weeks. In that instance, the New York Yankees would have five months of service plus the postseason with Trevor Story. Five months of Trevor will require at least 3-4 good but not necessarily elite prospects and a Major League caliber player in return. If the Yankees were to trade RHPs Matt Sauer (26th best prospect in the Yankees’ system), Hayden Wesneski (30th best prospect in Yankees’s system), and let’s say Second Base prospect Ezequiel Duran (15th best in Yankees’ system) along with maybe a Jay Bruce or Derek Dietrich or say a Mike Ford that might get a deal done.

Colorado can not be overly picky in this deal because they will lose Story to free agency. And with the new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) needing to be negotiated, who knows what kind of compensation pick (if any) the Rockies would receive. So Colorado would need to make a move to get something in return, and this package could be the right deal.

What the Yankees Should Receive?

The obvious answer here would be just Trevor Story. However, the trade of Francisco Lindor also included Carlos Carrasco. And the Yankees could find themselves in a similar scenario with a veteran starter like German Marquez. If the Yanks can make the deal to bring Marquez alongside Trevor Story for the package mentioned above, the Yankees and their fans would be ecstatic.

What an Extension Could Look like for Story and the Yankees

When acquiring a superstar player in a “walk-year,” the acquiring team would a chance to sign them long-term, something that we’ve seen play out over the past couple of seasons, as previously mentioned. So for the Yankees to complete the trade for Story having the chance to sign him could be a stipulation of the deal. Trevor Story is 28-years-old and an extension to keep him off the free-agent market will likely have to be a minimum of 8 years. And in terms of the financial numbers, whatever number would likely have to begin with a three similar to Francisco Lindor. My best guess is a nine year $306 Million ($34 Million per season) deal would likely get the deal done.

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