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5 Reasons to be Excited about MLB The Show 21

When it comes to MLB The Show, the video game, I am a huge fan. Honestly, I’m just a huge fan a baseball in general. So for this article we will look at five reasons to be excited for the newest installment of the series, MLB The Show 21.

#5: Cross Gen/Cross-Platform Play

For the first time in the MLB The Show franchise series, we will see a compatibility level unlike anything else in the industry. PlayStation users will be able to play against Xbox users. And to add further depth and dimension, next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series S can play against current-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. This allows users of all major consoles to play against one other. And an expansion to the MLB The Show community never before seen.

#4: Pinpoint Pitching

The newest addition to the gameplay for MLB The Show 21 centers around “pinpoint pitching.” This new feature challenges players to master a more in-depth pitching mechanic. And as someone who has played the show for over a decade, this unique pitching style is quite challenging. And, personally, pinpoint pitching is a welcomed addition to the current styles.

#3: The Two-Way Ballplayer

One of the new “features” is a combination of two previous modes, Road to the Show & the Diamond Dynasty Create-a-Player. These two modes have been combined into a new mode entitled ballplayer. This allows the ballplayer to gain attributes and experience in both road to the show and diamond dynasty. And when it comes to the road to the show aspect, there is a new narrative for your player. Along with the narrative elements, you will now be able to use your player as a two-way player.

#2: Revamped Budget System & Player/Trade Logic

As a long-time player of MLB The Show, I tend to focus my efforts on the franchise mode. I love being in control of a team and being the owner, gm, manager, and players. The way that I manage my franchise is in the same way that the legendary owner George M Steinbrenner ran the Yankees, World Series, or bust. I am always wheeling and dealing, looking to improve my roster, even if just incrementally. But sadly, for a very long time, the franchise mode remains unchanged. And more so than unchanged, it was seemingly neglected.

However, for MLB The Show 21, the franchise mode will get some much-needed love. The San Diego Studios team has revamped the budget system from a weekly view to a yearly view. Why that’s so significant is that it is more representative of how Major League franchises operate. Teams but around their annual budget, and that’s the focus, and while a week-to-week knowledge can help, the yearly view should be easier to understand. The team at SDS also changed up the logic for players and trades. How intelligent this system will be will need to be tested, but it seems promising.

#1: Create A Stadium

And arguably the most fantastic reason to run out and purchase MLB The Show 21 is for the newest feature create a stadium. In last year’s edition of MLB The Show, we would see the inclusion for team rebranding and “relocating.” Now, I say “relocating” because while the teams could technically be from other places, we were limited to just the Major League and Minor League ballparks for our teams. But if you have a next-gen console, that can be changed this season.

Some of the details of the create a stadium feature were given in which we would have 30 slots for a create a stadium. Which is also the number of create a team slots we have in the game as well. This means that for players, an entirely created league can be made from all created players to created teams to now created stadiums, which is a fantastic inclusion. Again, this is a next-gen console-only feature. But in my opinion well worth the cost of the next-gen consoles.

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