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The State of the New York Mets

We continue looking at the 30 MLB teams as they head into the 2021 season. And on this piece, we examine The State of the New York Mets.

Francisco Lindor Trade

Trading for Francisco Lindor was the first major move out of the gate for new owner Steve Cohen. A big move was necessary to establish himself and say that this is a new regime in Queens. Francisco Lindor is a franchise-altering talent and a plate that you can build your whole team around. Lindor represents all that is great about the game of baseball, a player who plays with a smile on his face and with a childlike joy in his heart. This was a brilliant move for the Mets. And in all reality, it didn’t cost them as much as it should have for a talent like Lindor.

Carlos Carrasco Acquired

Along with Lindor, Carlos Carrasco was acquired, making the trade for Lindor even more impressive for the New York Mets. Now, Carrasco will begin the season on the injured list after suffering a torn hamstring this Spring. The recovery time is expected to be at least a six-to-eight week stint in the IL. Should Carrasco return after that time, he will be a huge mid-season acquisition for the Mets in their quest for the championship in 2021.

Albert Almora Jr, James McCann, Kevin Pillar, Jonathan Villar Signed

The New York Mets wouldn’t just stop at the acquisition of Francisco Lindor. They would also make many more Major League signings that should help the big league club succeed in 2021. Albert Almora Jr & Kevin Pillar make for an interesting mix of outfield options. Almora Jr is known for his defense. And this mix of veterans will likely serve important roles for the Mets in 2021.

Taijuan Walker & Aaron Loup Signed

New York also added to their pitching depth by bringing in Taijuan Walker and Aaron Loup. Walker and Loup will serve significant roles and throw critical innings out of the rotation and bullpen, respectively. For the Mets to be successful, guys on the fringes like Walker and Loup will need to have a good season in 2021.

State of the Rotation

The state of the New York Mets rotation hinges in the right arm of Jacob deGrom. deGrom right now is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball, and there’s very little debate about that fact. For the Mets to be successful, it will be based on the rest of their rotation. The loss of Carlos Carrasco will be a significant one to start the season. And the Mets will be hopeful that the 6-8 week timeline holds true. Outside of the deGrom, the Queen’s starting crew will feature the aforementioned Walker and Marcus Stroman. The remaining two spots will see a big-time battle in Spring Training for who will handle those spots beginning April 1st in Flushing.

State of the Bullpen

The Mets bullpen is a really intriguing mix of veteran relievers. One thing that most of them have in common, though, a hard fastball. This attribute should aid New York in an obvious and defined way as they will be able to match even the best bullpen in baseball. And arguably, the Metropolitans could have the best bullpen in baseball, at least in name value. How their bullpen actually pitches will also be a must-see as many of their bullpen regulars have spells of ineffectiveness and lose the plate from time to time. The battle in the NL East will likely come down to the battle of the bullpens.

State of the Offense

Offensively, the New York Mets are going to be extremely strong. The acquisition of Francisco Lindor gives the Mets lineup even more balance. When we say there is balance in the Mets lineup, it’s across the board—the balance between power and contact, the balance between left-handed and right-handed, the balance between patience and aggressive hitters. For the Mets, their lineup will be among the most formidable in the National League. And there will be a power battle with the rest of the National League East for the division’s crowning spot.

State of the Franchise

The New York Mets have a very good chance of making it back to the postseason in 2021. They also have a great chance of resigning one of the most dynamic and superstars caliber players in Francisco Lindor to a long-term deal. Signing Lindor long term would allow the Mets to build around a franchise player, in the say way the Dodgers are building around Mookie Betts. For the Mets to be successful, they will need every aspect of the team to produce stellar results. Again, the National League East will be the most competitive division in all of the Major Leagues in 2021. And whoever comes out of the NL East battle will be primed and poised for a good run in the 2021 postseason.

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