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The State of the Miami Marlins

We continue looking at the 30 MLB teams as they head into the 2021 season. And on this piece, we examine The State of the Miami Marlins.

Acquiring Adam Cimber, Anthony Bass, John Curtiss, Ross Detwiler& Dylan Floro

The Miami Marlins acquisitions of these pitchers produce an interesting mix. They are all solid arms, but none stand out as a dominant force. For Miami to succeed in 2021, they will need it to be on the strength of the sum of all parts, not the individual parts themselves. 

Adam Duvall Signing

Adam Duvall’s signing with the Marlins was a great move for Miami. Duvall had a nice 2020 season with the Atlanta Braves. So simultaneously, the Marlins weaken their competition while strengthening themselves. Duvall is likely going to be a major contributor for the Marlins in 2021, and it could lead to a bigger contract next offseason. 

State of the Rotation

The Miami Marlins rotation may not have the same stand-out names as some of the other Uber competitive National League East teams. But they will have an underratedly good rotation. Sandy Alcantara, Pablo Lopez, Elieser Hernandez, and Sixto Sánchez are likely locks for the rotation. How the fiftieth spot will break down is a question to be answered at the end of Spring Training. However, the Marlins’ rotation will likely be overlooked as a threat in the NL East. And while not the best rotation in the NL East, it will still be a solid enough rotation to get the job done.

State of the Bullpen

Much like the rotation, the Marlins’ bullpen isn’t going to garner a lot of hype. But it’s going to be a bullpen of parts that make up the whole if Miami’s bullpen can maintain the leads that the team gains, they can keep pace with the rest of a very tough division.

State of the Offense

Miami has some incredibly underrated players on its offensive roster. And while some may see them as something akin to castaways from other clubs, they’ve bonded together and created a noteworthy squad. 2020 was a surprising year for the Fish. And 2021 could bring on more of the same magic in South Beach. Remaining healthy will be an important factor in the success of the Miami Marlins. (As it is for most teams.) And if they can remain healthy, many of the Marlins players could surprise people with strong campaigns. And any sort of breakout from a few players and Miami could end up back in the postseason in 2021.

State of the Franchise

The Miami Marlins roster is the equivalent of a math problem where the sum equals the whole. Overall, Miami is in an interesting position. Many baseball pundits believe that the Marlins’ 2020 season was a bit fluky. However, we learned from Miami’s performance in 2020 that the team’s ability to continue battling. If the Marlins are going to continue their postseason hopes and dreams, they will need strong performances across all areas of the roster. 

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