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3 Hot Seat Yankees in 2021

Going into the 2021 season, the New York Yankees have high expectations. The expectation this season is as it always is, “World Series or bust!” And as the season approaches, some Yankees are facing or already sitting on the hot seat. So in this article, we will examine the case of a few of those Yankees with the most to prove in 2021.

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Hot Seat #1: Gary Sanchez

It’s no secret that Gary Sanchez is on the hot seat in 2021. We previously covered “How to Fix Gary Sanchez” in an article. The Yankees would remove Sanchez from the starting role in the 2020 postseason. And there has been some strife in the media between Sanchez and the team. Then you factor in the poor performance on the field the past few seasons, and questions must be asked—questions about whether or not to cut bait with the once-promising backstop. Gary will need to prove that his talents have not faded. And that he is once again among the best catchers (at least offensively) in the game.

Hot Seat #2: Aaron Judge

Now, this may seem downright blasphemous to include Aaron Judge on a list like this. However, when you look at the stat line for Judge on Baseball-Reference or Fangraphs, there’s a glaring problem; lack of games played. Yes, there have been some freak injuries for Judge, where he’s been hit by a pitch. But there have also been reoccurring soft tissue and muscle injuries, not freak accidents. And while what Judge needs to prove is different from Sanchez, there are still some things to figure out. Proving that he is healthy will be the biggest key for Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees.

Hot Seat #3: Gleyber Torres

Lastly, we close out this article with Gleyber Torres. Gleyber is in a difficult situation; he must prove himself as a Major League shortstop. Offensively, Gleyber is one of the better shortstops in the game. However, defense is an important factor for a Major League shortstop. And Torres has been a below-average defender over his three-year Major League career. Proving that he can effectively handle the position in 2021 will be vitally important to Gleyber’s future with the Yankees. As the crop of would-be free agents, next offseason is downright legendary. 

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