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The State of the Baltimore Orioles

We continue our look at the State of MLB teams with the Baltimore Orioles. And as we have, we’ll examine their offseason moves and each area of the team. So we will now breakdown The State of the Baltimore Orioles.

Sign Freddy Galvis

The only major acquisition, thus far, for the Baltimore Orioles has been defensive specialists Freddy Galvis. The Orioles needed a new shortstop following the trade earlier this offseason of Jose Iglesias. The one year contract worth $1.5m plus a 250k bonus if traded is a premium quality deal for the rebuilding O’s. The Orioles signing of Galvis is likely a move made with an eye on the trading deadline. Freddy Galvis would find himself as a great defensive help to a contending team in July. Offensively, Galvis isn’t going to provide much support. But if he can help elevate the infield play of some of the Orioles’ young infielders during Spring Training and the season, then his contract will be even more of a steal.

Minor League Deal for King Felix

The Baltimore Orioles would sign a former Cy Young award winner in Felix Hernandez to a minor league deal. Hernandez will find himself competing for a job out of Spring Training. Something King Felix found himself doing last season with Atlanta. Had the 2020 season not been cut short, Felix may have had a renaissance season with the Braves and translated that into a Major League deal in 2021. But here we are in the same position for King Felix and re-establishing himself in 2021. And with a team like the Orioles, Hernandez will be afforded that opportunity.

State of the Rotation

John Means, Dean Kremer, and Keegan Akin are the only “sure-fire” candidates for the Orioles rotation. When looking at the O’s, there are undeniably a plethora of opportunities. Two completely open spots in the starting rotation will provide a lot of competition during Spring Training. The aforementioned Felix Hernandez could be seen as a favorite for one of those openings, should he have a good Spring. The Orioles are in rebuild mode and will be looking to evaluate everyone in their organization. And if they can find some gems amongst their rotation, it will help them even more.

State of the Bullpen

When it comes to everything with the Baltimore Orioles, it’s a matter of evaluation. And the bullpen is no different as the 2021 season will likely serve as almost a fact-finding mission into their future. The Orioles bullpen is an assortment of mostly young arms looking to prove themselves and earn their place on the Major League roster.

State of the Defense

The Baltimore Orioles defense is going to be a source of questions. Outside of the plus defender that is Freddy Galvis, the O’s defense is lacking. All over the field, the O’s fielding lineup have negative defensive metrics. Now, yes, the defensive metrics are a subjective statistic. And there are a lot of different sites that rate defense differently. But all of them have the Orioles as a poor defensive team.

State of the Offense

Offensively, there are some bright spots on the Orioles. Players like Trey Mancini, Anthony Santander, and Austin Hays are some of those brights spots. But there are questions about much of the rest of the offense beyond those few players. The veteran Oriole, Chris Davis, has been a plague upon the Orioles payroll and offense. For Baltimore, the lack of mainstays in the lineup provides opportunities. Opportunities will be the calling card of the 2021 Baltimore Orioles.

Closing Thoughts on the Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are in full-blown rebuild mode. And with rebuilding comes a lot of opportunities but also a lot of losing. But with the lack of expectations, younger players are afforded a chance to grow and develop. Ultimately, the 2021 season will likely see Oriole management struggle to provide a team that excites fans to venture into the beautiful ballpark that is Oriole Park at Camden Yards. But the growth and development that will be possible by playing without expectations could be monumental for the organization’s future.

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