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Thoughts & Takeaways on Wandavision

Progressing Through the Years

The first five episodes of Wandavision have been a trip down the television annuals of time. Episode one would begin in the 1950s. And each subsequent episode would move ahead a decade. Each episode of Wandavision takes place in two very different and distinct dimensions. There’s the real world that’s a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU.) And then there’s “Wandavision.” Which takes place in the wacky made-up world of a television sitcom. Both realms are supposed to be independent of themselves. But the barrier between the realms begins to tater.

Where is Wanda?

The sitcom of Wandavision takes place in the quaint little town of Westview, New Jersey. And as previously mentioned, the town is transforming episode by episode through the decades. Through the course of the real-world encounters, we would learn that the town of Westview, NJ, has been erased from the surrounding residents’ minds. In episode four, Monica Rambeau (an agent of S.W.O.R.D) would speak to police officers from the nearby town of Eastview. And the officers would explain that they’ve never heard of Westview. Despite traffic signs leading to the town. And a large town sign welcoming patrons to Westview in the background.

What is Wanda Doing in Westview?

Through the first five episodes of Wandavision, that is the million-dollar question. What is Wanda doing in Westview? Wanda Maximoff finds herself dealing with the damaging loss of her love, Vision, at the end of Avengers End Game. And as the timeline begins to assemble in the MCU world, Wanda seeming has a break in her mental stability. Tyler Hayward, the new director of S.W.O.R.D (or Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division), would show footage of Wanda stealing the Vision’s remains from a S.W.O.R.D facility. During the airing of this footage, we would also learn that the Vision, himself, would have a living will of not wanting his body used or harvested. But in that same footage, the Vision’s body can be seen spread across multiple tables and seemingly experimented on or dissected.

1950’s Wandavision

Wandavision would open with Vision and Wanda beginning their new life as a (seemingly) married couple. And we would see some of the heartwarming hijinks that would befall a 1950’s couple. Hijinks like trying to figure out what the special date of August 23rd was meant to represent. And we would see a hastily prepared meal for Vision’s boss come together with magic and help from a neighbor named Agnus. (More on Angus in a moment.)

But the episode of Wandavision would take a dark turn as Vision’s boss would begin to question the couple about their relationship. The questioning would lead to a plethora of false starts and puzzled looks by both Vision and Wanda. That is until Vision’s boss would begin choking, and his wife would begin pleading for the choking to stop. The pleas would almost seemingly begin playfully towards her husband and then become panicked towards Wanda, all the while smiling like on a television show. Ultimately, Wanda would break character and have Vision save him. And the episode would finish off as if nothing happened.

1960’s Wandavision

On the second episode of Wandavision, we would see some subtle and not so subtle innuendos pushing Wanda to have children. We would see a magic show that would be held “for the children.” Everything in the episode would be pushing towards children. But we would also see on this episode that another breaking of character and a bit of realism enter the picture as we would see the first bit of color introduced when a “toy” helicopter would land in the bushes in front of Wanda’s house.

But that wouldn’t be the last time we would get interruptions of service in the sitcom version of Wandavision. Later in the episode, a voice would come through the radio and ask Wanda, “who’s doing this to you, Wanda?” This would cause another character, Dottie, to have a glass break in her hand and red blood appear on the screen, the second time we would see color.

As the episode would progress, we would see a shocking revelation that Wanda would be pregnant at the end of the episode. But we would also hear a loud noise, which leads Vision and Wanda to go outside and investigate. Upon reaching the street, they would see a man emerge from the sewer drain in a beekeeper’s outfit. This would be just another break in the sitcom version of the show. This would lead to Wanda, take control of the show and say “No” and reversing time back to the moment of her revealed pregnancy. The world would then begin to turn to color, signaling the vast progression of time in Wandavision.

1970’s Wandavision

The 1970’s episode of Wandavision would see the world in full color. And this episode would be about the pregnancy of Wanda. And about the breakneck and unnatural speed that she goes through the phases of pregnancy. We would see Dr. Neilson (an easter egg about the television ratings) say that Wanda is indeed pregnant. Vision, who is a synthezoid, would question just how this could have happened and so quickly. And this wouldn’t be the first time that Vision questioned things in the sitcom world of Wandavision.

As the episode progressed, so too did Wanda’s pregnancy. Wanda would go through all the phases of the pregnancy, including giving birth. The birth would reveal a great many things. First, it would reveal that Wanda would have twins, Tommy and Billy, which has many ties and references to the comic books. But the other major reveal would be in a conversation between Wanda and “Geraldine” (aka Monica Rambeau.)

During their conversation, Wanda would tell “Geraldine” that she had a twin, Pietro. And it would be at that point when Geraldine would say, “he was killed by Ultron.” This would cause Wanda to break character once again and question Geraldine about what she said and who she was. It would also be at this moment where Wanda would see Geraldine with a S.W.O.R.D necklace. And when we would next see Wanda, she would tell Vision that she had to run home.

Monica Rambeau & S.W.O.R.D

During the fourth and in parts of the fifth episode of Wandavision, we would encounter the real world of the MCU. We would see Monica Rambeau reemerge from “the blip” (or the dusting as I’ve called it.) from the events of End Game. Monica Rambeau would first be introduced to the MCU in Captain Marvel. She was the daughter of the pilot and best friend of Carol Danvers, Maria Rambeau. And it would be during this episode that we would learn about the new direction of S.W.O.R.D and its research, thanks to director Hayward. (the return of Monica seemingly threatened Hayward.) S.W.O.R.D. was using new technology studies to the seeming dismay of Rambeau.

Hayward would inform Monica on her first day back to work that per her mother’s orders, anyone returning from the blip will be grounded from flying for evaluation. This would lead to Hayward sending Monica to help Jimmy Woo investigate a missing person’s case. This missing person’s case would turn into a missing town, the town of Westview.

The Town & Citizen’s of Westview

Westview is a strange little town as presented to us on the sitcom version of Wandavision. As everyone would play up a stereotypical role of small-town America. They are built up to play roles akin to television characters from old tv shows. However, as the series has progressed, many of the characters of the sitcom Wandavision would be revealed as real-life people in the New Jersey town.

Many of these characters would be pictured on the whiteboard of Jimmy Woo. Woo and the returning Darcy Lewis (from the Thor franchise) would try to find and identify all the townspeople. Most people would be found via their driver’s license, except for a couple of noteworthy characters. Those characters are Dottie and Agnus, neither of whom’s “real-life” identity has been found out and revealed. Agnus has her sitcom Westview profile on the wall but no New Jersey driver’s license. Dottie, on the other hand, has no profile on the wall at all.

Who is Agnus?

Well, on the sitcom version of Wandavision, we’ve been presented with the completely stereotypical nosy neighbor in Agnus. And we would be served another old tv trope of the “never seen-often mentioned spouse” Ralph. Angus always seems to pop up when Wanda is about to break character. But also whenever the children are present. Many fan theories would state that Agnus is Agatha Harkness. Agatha Harkness is a witch from the comic books who serves as a sudo-mentor to Wanda. Agatha also is a servant of Mephisto or Marvel’s version of the devil. In the comics, Wanda’s children are said to be many different things. They are said to be a manifestation of Wanda’s mind, with Agatha’s help. Or even shards of Mephisto’s soul.

How Does Agnus Know?

Agnus always seems to pop up just in time to bring Wanda back to the sitcom reality. And this was never more on display than in episode five’s opening moments, when the “newborn” twins are crying, and Wanda cannot stop the crying with magic. And Agnus then shows up to “help.” During this interaction, Vision would not want Agnus’ help with the crying children, Agnus would stop, completely breaking character and look to Wanda as if she were the director of the sitcom and ask if they should take it from the top. As if this was all a scene being recorded for a sitcom. Wanda would have a confused state on her face but then tell Vision to let Agnus help.

Shortly after the babies would stop crying and momentarily disappear and reappear five years older. All the while, Agnus was sitting nearby as if the children didn’t magically age forward. Agnus would say, “Kids, you can’t control them. No matter how hard you try.” A callback to Wanda’s inability to control her children, despite seemingly being “in control” of everything else in Westview.

1980’s Wandavision

In the five-episode of Wandavision, we would get the growth of the twins. The boys would age themselves from infants to five years old up to ten years old. And throughout this time and process, there would be several easter egg references to the comic books. Some as small as the dog, the boys, found being named sparky, like the Vision’s synthroid dog in the comics. We would also see a dark moment towards the end where(it’s believed) that “good ol’ Agatha, uh I mean Agnus “finds” sparky dead after eating from a poisonous plant. However, many fan theories believe she murdered sparky.

The Meat of Episode 5

However, the most significant thing to come out of episode five would take place in the MCU version of Wandavision, outside of the protective “hex” force field. Monica Rambeau would fly a drone into the sitcom version of Westview, and then Director Hayward would tell the agents to take over and take out Wanda. The sitcom screens would cut, and then we would see MCU Wanda, seemingly evil Wanda, emerge from the hex with the drone.

We would then bear witness to Wanda warning the S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward to leave her alone. Because next time things would be so nice. Hayward would tell her that she is hurting people and that she needs to stop right now. Wanda’s Sokovian accent from her first appearance in the MCU would also return in this scene. Monica would try to plead with Wanda about releasing control of Westview. But Monica’s pleas would fall on deaf ears, and Wanda would double down on the villainous behaviors as Wanda would force all of the S.W.O.R.D agent’s guns to focus on Director Hayward as she reentered the hex force field.

Closing Out the 80’s

During the closing moments of episode five, Wanda would explain to her sons that death can not be circumvented because we want it to be, about resurrecting sparky the dog. Wanda was a bit hypocritical as that’s exactly what she did with the Vision, so it would seem. (As in episode three, we would see a brief moment of dead Vision with the mind stone removed from his head.)

But as the show continued towards its conclusion, the synthezoid mind of Vision could no longer remain silent about Wanda’s use of magic in front of a stranger like Agnus, as well as knowing that something in Westview isn’t right. Vision would wake up the character known as Norm from the disillusioned state that he was in, in Westview. And during that conversation, “Norm” would tell her to make her stop. Many believe the “Her” that Norm is speaking about is Wanda.

But What’s Truly Going On? We May Never Know

However, there are questions to be asked about who’s truly in control as Wanda, during her fight/argument with Vision, would say that she isn’t controlling everything. So it begs the question, well, who is? As we continue with Wandavision, fans’ season, find themselves looking to the comic for a potential direction. Fans are trying to figure out the clues as to who is the “big bad” of the show and Phase 4 of the MCU. We know that there will be a “BIG” surprise that is being kept under wraps. But as we are approaching the end of the season of Wandavision, time is running out for us, Wanda, and the citizens of the sitcom Westview.

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