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3 Starting Pitching Trade Candidates for the Yankees

The New York Yankees have had an excellent offseason. They’ve brought back DJ LeMahieu, signed Corey Kluber, and traded for Jameson Taillon. But after the LA Dodgers’ recent signing of Trevor Bauer, New York once again feels like a step below the elite. So for this piece, we will examine three potential starting pitching trade candidates the Yankees could acquire to push them back up into the elite discussion.

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Trade Candidate #1: Luis Castillo- Cincinnati Reds

Trading for Luis Castillo will not be easy or cheap because Castillo is one of the best young pitchers in the game. So any trade with Cincinnati for Luis will require a significant return. We know in the previous discussions this offseason, the Reds were asking for Gleyber Torres. And while Yankee fans would scoff at the Reds’ supposed request, it would take a move of that nature to pry away Castillo.

Adding Luis Castillo to a rotation of Gerrit Cole, Corey Kluber, and Jameson Taillon would give the Yankees a significant edge over the American League. And it would give the Yankees a rotation that could potentially rival that of the Dodgers. It would undoubtedly take a significant return for the Yankees to acquire Castillo, but Castillo would be an excellent addition for the New York Yankees.

Trade Candidate #2: German Marquez- Colorado Rockies

Much will be made about the Yankees “needed pursuit” of Trevor Story. However, there is another Colorado Rockie that makes more sense for the Yankees, German Marquez. The Yanks offense is stacked; there’s a power threat at essentially every position. But the Yanks pitching staff is where some questions reside.

New York has their ace in Gerrit Cole. And beyond Cole are two low-risk/high-reward pitchers in Kluber and Taillon. After those three, New York will feature some subset of pitchers. Pitchers like Jordan Montgomery, Deivi Garcia, Clarke Schmidt, Michael King, and Domingo German. If the Yankees can trade for Marquez, they can lock down another rotation spot. And also have a cost-effective starter through 2023.

Trade Candidate #3: Kyle Hendricks

This isn’t the first mention we make of Kyle Hendricks as a potential trade candidate for the New York Yankees. Kyle Hendricks has been a consistent starter for the Chicago Cubs over the past several seasons. Hendricks consistently makes 30 plus starts a season. (under normal circumstances.) Trading for a guy like Hendricks won’t come cheap but won’t be as expensive as Castillo. Adding Hendricks to the Yankees rotation would give a different look to their rotation. But more importantly, it would give them another “sure thing” in the rotation behind Cole.

Some Additional Thoughts

The New York Yankees are unlikely to acquire any of these starters before starting the 2021 campaign. The Reds and Cubs will be competing in the National League Central Division. So neither team will relinquish control over their starting assets so quickly or easily. However, should either team be out of contention by the All-Start break, then the aforementioned assets become much more of a possibility.

And as far as German Marquez, the Rockies have dealt away their superstar Nolan Arenado. And with this move being made, the Rockies won’t be quick to sell off any more pieces. But once the trading deadline comes closer and they are out of any semblance of contention, they will reengage with teams about a pitcher like German Marquez.

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