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3 Most Likely Landing Spots for Andrelton Simmons

One of my favorite players to watch play in the field is Andrelton Simmons. The incredible glove that Andrelton possesses is second to none. And every team could benefit from that glove. Add in his increased offensive ability, and Andrelton would aid any team that signs him. So for this article, we will look at three potential landing spots for Andrelton Simmons.

#3: New York Yankees

Ok, so this is more of a hopeful selection than a true need. Currently, the Yankees’ shortstop position is occupied by Gleyber Torres. However, Gleyber’s defense is subject to multiple question marks. Now yes, Gleyber’s defense could improve. But in the meantime, having a defensive wizard like Andrelton Simmons on the roster would only serve to aid the Yankees in one of their biggest weaknesses. Andrelton Simmons is likely not looking to sign on as a backup/defensive replacement at this point in his career. But selfishly, I want Simba on my New York Yankees.

#2: Philadelphia Phillies

When looking at teams looking to contend in 2021, the Philadelphia Phillies are a team that still has an opening. Currently, the Phillies infield consists of Rhys Hoskins and Alex Bohm at the corners. And up the middle stands Jean Segura and Scott Kingery. Nothing against that combination, but it leaves a little to be desired. Neither Kingery nor Segura brings the glove that Andrelton Simmons provides. Adding Andrelton Simmons at the shortstop position for the Phillies would move Segura to second base. And thus leaving Kingery to move around (I.e., Ben Zobrist) and play multiple positions. This would give the Phillies the best overall version of their team. And if Simmons can elevate his offensive game, the Phillies will push for the top of the competitive National League East.

#1: Toronto Blue Jays

The “Hot Stove” portion of the offseason was rather cold up until the last two weeks. But over the last few days, the Toronto Blue Jays have lit a fire under the industry. There were reports that the Blue Jays had an interest in acquiring Simmons at last season’s trading deadline. However, Simmons would opt-out and wouldn’t be available. But when the offseason began, their interest renewed. Many fans of the Blue Jays are questioning their interest as it would displace young shortstop Bo Bichette. They believe that moving Bichette off of shortstop for just one season wouldn’t best serve his development. But under the guise of a multi-year deal, it would be more widely accepted.

Adding Andrelton Simmons would provide the Blue Jays a defensive wizard at short and move Bichette over to second base, and that could also improve his defense. This would move Cavan Biggio over to third and would build the overall defensive rating of the Jays.

Final Thoughts on Andrelton Simmons

As I previously stated, Andrelton Simmons is one of my favorite players to watch play. His defensive ability is remarkable. And any team that adds Simba will add a wizard to their infield. But the offensive game for Andrelton does leave some questions to ask. And Simmons would be best served to take a potentially shorter-term deal with re-establish his value and prove that his offense can approach League average or better. If Simmons gets to league average or better offense with the insanely good defense and his value will increase. And a one year deal with any of these teams could give Andrelton that opportunity.

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