3 Most Likely Landing Spots for Marcus Semien

One of the more intriguing free-agents this offseason to try to find a home for is Marcus Semien. For the majority of Semien’s career, he has been a little worse than the league average. His defense had been mostly atrocious up until a couple of seasons ago. (And somewhat regressed in 2020.) But in 2019, Semien put it all together and found himself in the AL MVP hunt. (He would finish third.) So for this article, we will examine three potential landing spots for the intriguing Marcus Semien.

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#3: Los Angeles Dodgers

One recent report would speculate that the Dodgers were considering Marcus Semien to play third base for them. Marcus Semien provides a solid approach at the plate. And moving him to third base could help improve his defense. Marcus wouldn’t need to range quite so far and better position himself to make more accurate throws. Adding in the advance analytical approach that the Dodgers use in defensive positioning and Semien could easily be an option to be a very good third baseman. And if Marcus signed a multi-year deal, it would give the Dodgers a fallback plan should Corey Seager decide to depart LA next offseason.

#2: Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds are a team that’s on the brink of serious contention. We would see the Reds make the postseason in 2020 as NL Wildcard. And the Reds would be easily dispatched by the Atlanta Braves. So reinforcements would be needed. Of all the infield positions, shortstop is the only one not manned by a known commodity; adding Marcus Semien would change that. And if Marcus Semien were to return to the form he had in 2019, the Reds would immediately jump up in the NL Central race.

#1: Oakland Athletics

A reunion with the Oakland A’s is the most likely outcome for Marcus Semien. Semien provides the A’s with a need for the spot he would be vacating. And Marcus has familiarity with the team. Bringing Marcus Semien back would also allow the A’s to continue progressing and pushing towards the all-elusive American League Pennant.

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