3 Most Likely Landing Spots for George Springer

Coming into this offseason, George Springer was one of the crown jewels of the free-agent class. And one of the Top 10 Center Fielders Right Now. (Alongside DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Bauer, and JT Realmuto.) So as we have with Bauer and Realmuto, we look at three potential landing spots for George Springer.

With news of the impending deal with the Toronto Blue Jays we release our article and our video on the Laracuente Ledger Network YouTube Channel. (3 Most Likely Landing Spots for George Springer.)

Landing Spot #3: Philadelphia Phillies

When it comes to the Philadelphia Phillies, they are a team on the precipice of winning. The Phillies have the making of a team ready to compete and win back the National League East crown. However, they have a couple of holes that must be filled. One such vacancy is in Center Field. Now let’s be clear the Philadelphia Phillies signing of George Springer could very well be independent of the signing of JT Realmuto. Something which we stated will happen in our piece about JT’s landing spot. But it would become even more likely if the Phillies miss out on JT Realmuto.

The Philadelphia Phillies have quite a few players that will be competing for that starting center field job. But none of those players are the caliber of player of George Springer. Springer a solid center fielder and an excellent leadoff hitter. Two things that the Phillies have lacked since Jimmy Rollins. For the Phillies signing George Springer would give them more depth in their battle for the NL East.

Landing Spot #2: Toronto Blue Jays

For the young and upcoming Toronto Blue Jays, the American League field is quickly within reach. They have a bright core of second generational players that will lead them back to prominence. For the Blue Jays to really stand out in the American League, they will need a full-length approach. So what do we mean by a full-length approach? It means that the Blue Jay’s need more length from their lineup. Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Cavan Biggio, and Bo Bichette are a powerful three-headed hornet. Then you add in Lourdes Gurriel Jr, and you start to build out a powerful team. Now the rest of the Blue Jay’s lineup can be somewhat shaky.

This is where George Springer would aid Toronto. Bringing in a veteran like Springer who has a pedigree for winning (even if by cheating) can help the young Jays. Springer would be able to either leadoff for Toronto or even drop further down in the order to drive in more runs. Regardless of what the Blue Jays decide to do, adding George Springer to the roster will push them to new heights in the American League.

Landing Spot #1: New York Mets

When Steve Cohen purchased the New York Mets, everyone knew that Cohen would try to make a huge splash. And, boy howdy, did he ever. Steve Cohen and the Mets would acquire Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. (We also covered the trade in more depth on the RELAUNCHED episode of the Laracuente Ledger Podcast. For the full video versions of the Laracuente Ledger Podcast, join us on Patreon.)

But the Mets weren’t just going to stop there; no, they have been involved with discussion with George Springer’s camp. Now for the Mets, this would be a great player to add to their team. New York does not have a true center fielder on their active roster. And as they stand now, Brandon Nimmo, whose much better defensively in left field, would be their center fielder if the season started today. George Springer would not just jump into the center field starting job, but also to the top of the lineup. Adding George Springer on top of trading for Francisco Lindor would make the Mets a heavy favorite in the NL East race.

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