3 Most Likely Landing Spots for JT Realmuto

There is little doubt in the minds of many baseball fans and pundits that JT Realmuto is the best catcher in MLB. And we believe that as evidenced by our Top 10 Catcher Right Now for 2021. Now the offseason has been rather slow-moving until very recently. So we examine some of the potential landing spots for JT Realmuto.

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Landing Spot #3: Houston Astros

When creating the list of potential buyers for the best catcher’s in baseball’s service, there aren’t many teams truly in the market. JT Realmuto is the premiere talent behind the dish. And a team like Houston could benefit from that. Currently, the catcher for the Astros is Martin Maldonado. Now Martin is known as a great gloveman at the position. From his framing to receiving, he receives praise from his pitching staff. But Maldonado is not going to provide any real output offensively. Thus this is where the opportunity arises for JT Realmuto to head to Texas and join the Astros.

Houston will be looking to rebound from the defeat at the Tampa Bay Rays’ hands in the postseason. And bringing in a stud catcher to go along with the rest of their monster house lineup could aid them tremendously. Additionally, JT Realmuto can equate to the lost offense by the free-agent outfielder George Springer, which gives Houston a viable shot at signing JT Realmuto.

Landing Spot #2: Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays have a worthwhile opportunity. An opportunity to take advantage of a slow market and a premium talent with too few options to garner competition. The services of JT Realmuto would normally be in high demand when hitting free agency. However, this offseason, teams are gripping their checkbooks a bit tighter. This tightening of the purse strings leaves an up and coming team like Toronto with the chance to steal the best catcher in the game away from the rest of the league. Toronto has a young core of position players and a veteran pitching staff that’s honestly pretty easy to catch. Add in that Toronto is said to be a beautiful city, which could make the deal even sweeter.

The drawbacks to signing with Toronto are that most pundits believe they are at least another season away from legitimately competing for the American League pennant. And then there’s the fact that Toronto’s Roger Centre is turf, which inflicts a lot of wear and tear on a player’s body, and that could be a negative aspect to signing with the Blue Jays. But in the end, it all comes down to money, and if the right offer is made, JT will head North of the border.

Landing Spot #1: Philadelphia Phillies

Ok, so let’s set the record straight, take everything that’s been said about the Astros and Blue Jays, and forget about it. Despite the cogent arguments made about both teams, it was all posturing and spinning a web for the tale. There is genuinely only one landing spot for the best catcher in Major League Baseball, and that’s to resign with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies and JT Realmuto are a match made in Heaven. When the Phillies first acquired JT, I knew this would be a life-long partnership. And then Bryce Harper started campaigning for management to resign the catcher, and I knew it was all definitely going to happen.

So this signing isn’t really about if it will happen; it’s more about when it happens? And for how much to make it happen. There are rumored reports that the Phil’s have offered a 5-year $100 million deal for JT. And while no word (as of this writing) has materialized about the deal, we have to assume the deal will be around that figure. If not north of that number, in my opinion. And I 100% believe that JT Realmuto will be back with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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