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3 Underrated Free-Agent Infielders

As we wrote in yesterday’s article on 3 Underrated Free Agent Starters, today we will look at three free-agent middle infielders that could be highly valued but are also underrated.


This free-agent middle infielder can play multiple positions, and that versatility should make him a valued commodity. However, La Stella has spent the last three seasons playing for three different teams. And as we head towards the 2021 season, La Stella is likely to end up on his fourth team in four seasons. But that should not diminish his value in the market. The lefty-swinging free-agent middle infielder can play all over the diamond and has shown some improved power over the last two seasons. Thus making Tommy La Stella an underrated but valuable free-agent middle infielder.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from Tommy La Stella:
New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies



Essentially the above paragraph could also be applied to Brad Miller. This free-agent middle infielder is capable of as versatile as Tommy La Stella with a bit more power. Brad Miller is not just underrated (in my opinion) but also overlooked. This lefty-swinging infielder has put up good numbers for his six teams. And while some may see his inability to stay anywhere for more than three seasons as a liability. Some can also view it as his services are in high demand. Regardless, of how you want to classify Brad Miller, this free-agent middle infielder would be worth giving a contract to in aiding a championship-caliber team.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from Brad Miller:
New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics


When it comes to Andrelton Simmons, some may not see him as an underrated player. However, by most causal fan standards, he’s an unknown commodity. By baseball pundits standards, Simmons is merely a great glove and nothing more. However, by my biased calculations, Andrelton Simmons is one of the most underrated assets in our game. Now, that being said, no, Andrelton will never be one of the greatest offensive shortstops in the history of the game. But his offensive talents have improved over the last few seasons, accounting for a hiccup in 2019 due to injury. Looking at the defensive prowess alone makes Andrelton Simmons a must-have for any contending team in need of a free-agent middle infielder.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from Andrelton Simmons:
New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics

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