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3 Underrated Free Agent Starters

When the offseason first began, there was a lot of talk about free agency and how the available free agent starting pitcher pool would be desired. But as the glacial offseason has sputtered along, we haven’t seen much movement. Thus we look at three potentially underrated free agents that are still available.


The former ace pitcher of the Cleveland Indians was dealt to the Texas Rangers last seen and is now among the free agents looking for work. Kluber may not be the same pitcher he once was, but his talents have not diminished all that significantly. Corey Kluber could easily find himself as the second or third best pitcher on a contender. And as a veteran pitcher, Kluber understands what is needed for the long grind of a 162 game Major League season. Adding in a former Cy Young winner like Corey Kluber could easily advance the case of any contending team.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from Corey Kluber:
New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies


Over the last few seasons in the Bronx, JA Happ had pitched fairly well for the New York Yankees. And while his time in New York didn’t end as ceremoniously as either side would have liked it to end. Both parties must admit that Happ’s time with the Yankees benefitted both sides. JA Happ is a durable veteran lefty capable of handling the toughest of lineups and giving you a respectable outing. Happ will undoubtedly be looking for a team trying to contend so he can help push them forward.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from JA Happ:
Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros


Now when it comes to Paxton, the question boils down to his health. Health is the biggest key to Paxton’s success. A healthy 2019 or 2020 season would have landed Paxton a top-flight contract for a top-tier free agent pitcher. But because of injury concerns, that is not the case. Paxton will likely take a one year deal in order to prove himself and re-establish his value. If James Paxton can remain healthy, whatever team he signs with could have a sneaky potential Cy Young candidate in their rotation.

3 Teams Who Could Benefit from James Paxton:
New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies

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