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What are They Waiting For??? Story of DJ LeMahieu & the New York Yankees

In what’s been a relatively slow-moving baseball offseason things are starting to heat up. However, the New York Yankees are still sitting in LeMahieu Limbo. So we examine what exactly could be holding up the process and how to correct the issue.

The Diagnosis

Well, to understand how to fix something, we must first understand the problem. The New York Yankees and DJ LeMahieu are seemingly a match made in heaven. A power-packed offense in need of a contact guy to get on base. And that fits DJ LeMahieu’s model to the tee. However, the game of baseball is still a business. And with the business aspect of the game, DJ realizes that this will be his last major payday and will want to cash in on his phenomenal years in the Bronx.

Common Sense Should Win Out, Right?

The common-sense answer in all this is what we’ve been calling for across the Laracuente Ledger Network, sign DJ LeMahieu! Simply meet with LeMahieu and his agents and say “Hello DJ, here is our offer.” And slide him a blank check across the table. And tell him “fill in the blank.” And then DJ enters the number and slides it back across the table. Hal Steinbrenner looks at the number says welcome back home and signs the deal.

Common sense would dictate that this would be the way the process should have ALREADY GONE. However, as we sit here on January 12th (as of this writing) DJ remains un-resigned by the New York Yankees.

The Fear of Yankee Fans

With each passing day, an un-resigned DJ LeMahieu moves closer and closer to moving on from the Bronx. And the supposed “backup move” of trying to acquire Francisco Lindor is now no longer an option. (Be sure to check out the relaunched episode of the Laracuente Ledger Podcast for my full thoughts and feelings about the Francisco Lindor trade.) The Yankees will need to begin putting the pedal to the metal if they plan to compete in 2021. Teams around MLB are bolstering up and if the Yankees don’t make any moves of significance soon they will be left in the dust.

So The Question Remains…What Are They Waiting For???

Sadly, that is one question I can not answer. As all indications are now that both sides are being to be frustrated. And the potential is there for DJ to entertain other clubs offers. The New York Yankees must also begin looking at contingency plans as time continues to dwindle before Spring Training. We all believe that New York is more than capable of making a deal work with the 32-year-old LeMahieu, but we have to see if they are willing to make it happen before it’s too late.

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