3 Most Likely Landing Spots for Trevor Bauer

To call Trevor Bauer, a “unique” individual would be a massive understatement. However, putting aside Trevor’s online persona and his odd warmup routine, there’s no denying his talents. Thus we look at three teams that are the most likely to land the eccentric right-hander.

Landing Spot #1: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers arguably have the best opportunity to sign Bauer. Trevor is a California native and, while not a huge consideration, would be an added benefit. The biggest and most crucial reason Bauer is most likely to end up on the Dodgers is winning. The Dodgers are coming off of an impressive victory in the World Series. And are going into 2021 with essentially the same team. Meaning their chances to repeat are great. However, that being said, adding in the 2020 NL Cy Young award winner to the starting rotation makes for an even bigger threat to repeat. LA also has the financial capabilities that many other teams fail to possess. Thus leaving the Dodgers as the most likely destination.

Landing Spot #2: Chicago White Sox

A team that somewhat shocked and impressed in the shortened 2020 season was the Chicago White Sox. The Southside of Chicago’s core is poised and seemingly ready to take the next step and advance in the postseason. But advancing isn’t the end goal for the White Sox; ultimately, they want to win it all again. Trevor Bauer has the ability to jump into the front of the White Sox rotation. And becoming the ace of the staff and leaving them to the ultimate prize. A rotation headlined by Bauer, which also features Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel, Michael Kopech, Reynaldo Lopez, and the newly acquired Lance Lynn, would serve notice to the rest of the AL Central and American League in general.

Landing Spot #3: Toronto Blue Jays

In what would be an interesting move, the Blue Jays could sign Trevor Bauer. Signing Bauer would give the Blue Jays an ace of their staff. Toronto is currently in an unusual position. The position of being better than you think but not yet experienced enough to know when to slow down. Trevor Bauer on the Blue Jays would immediately represent and serve to better the Jays’ chances in the AL East and the American League. The Blue Jays have a dynamic and intriguing young team. And adding another veteran arm would help the entire staff.

Final Thoughts on Trevor Bauer

While these three landing spots could easily be where Bauer ends up, this article is merely speculation. Trevor Bauer is an enigma; however, there’s little doubt about the incredible nature of his pitching. And whatever team decides to sign, Bauer will get the baggage that comes along with him. But let me be clear, I would gladly take the baggage for a pitcher that pitched to the tune of 1.73 ERA with 100 strikeouts in just 73 innings. Bauer may be a little eccentric, but the man can pitch, and ultimately that’s what should matter.

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