Francisco Lindor to the Mets

So news broke yesterday about the New York Mets acquiring the superstar shortstop, Franco Lindor. So let’s break down the deal and my thoughts.

A Monumental Splash

The New York Mets’ new owner, Steve Cohen, would have to make a big splash to show Met fans exactly who’s the new boss. Thus a move of this magnitude had to happen. Acquiring a franchise-changing type of player is usually a farm system wrecking move. But Cohen and the Mets didn’t just stop with Lindor; they also procured Carlos Carrasco in the deal as well.

A move like this as the first move as a new owner sets a precedent. It makes a statement and sets a narrative for your fan base. A fan base that has been jostled about under the Wilpons. Francisco Lindor and Carrasco can boost a Mets team that already features Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil. A team that also boasts Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. This is a massive move for a new owner looking to make a splash.

Mets Didn’t Lose Much

The pieces going back to the Cleveland Indians in this deal weren’t all that consequential, in my opinion. Yes, at one point, Ames Rosario was thought to be the heir apparent at shortstop. Rosario was thought to be akin to another Mets favorite, Jose Reyes. However, that never really panned out. And despite what looked to be the start of a breakout in 2019, in 2020, Rosario regressed. Ames regressed so much so that backup infield Andres Giménez usurped him in the starting lineup. Speculation is that the Indians will either have Rosario playing second base or becoming a multi-position utility type player.

And who were the prospects that the Mets dealt? A right-handed pitcher Josh Wolf and outfielder Isaiah Greene were ranked 9th and 10th in the Mets system. Yes, both were top ten prospects; however, neither was at the top and making it a difficult decision to deal them away. The Mets are trying to push ahead and reclaim New York from the Yankees as they had during their magic-filled 2015.

My Final Thoughts

This is an impressive deal for the Mets and new owner Steve Cohen. Being able to bring in Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco would seem like an impossible task. If I tried to make the same deal on MLB The Show 20, it would be soundly rejected. However, it happened for the Mets; it was a perfect storm. And kudos to them for making a big splash in this insanely slow market of 2020-2021. Previously, I made a video on our YouTube channel about the San Diego Padres and congratulated them for making moves. (An accompanying article was also written.) And likewise, I will do that now with the Mets.

But make sure that you head over to the Laracuente Ledger Network YouTube channel and subscribe as tomorrow I will be re-launching the Laracuente Ledger Podcast and will further discuss this deal as well as a few other topics. And be sure to subscribe to the Laracuente Ledger Podcast wherever you get your Podcast from, as the audio version will be released Saturday as well.

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