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2 Moves Needed by the Yankees

With the slow-moving offseason, there isn’t much news to speak of for the New York Yankees. For this article, we will look at two moves the Yankees need to improve themselves for 2021.

Resign DJ LeMahieu

The first thing that the Yankees need to do is resign the unquestioned 2019-2020 MVP, DJ LeMahieu. LeMahieu gives the Yankees a much different team than they have without him. DJ is a contact type of hitter and will put the bat on the ball in keep moments. And that is in direct contrast to their “all-or-nothing” sluggers. We’ve covered how the Yankees must step up and take advantage of the window of opportunity in the AL East. (It’s Now or Never for the Yankees.) We also went into detail on our YouTube channel, the Laracuente Ledger Network. (Time’s Up, It’s Now or Never for the Yankees.) Not much more needs to be said about this than already has been. Give DJ a blank check and a pen to sign. Period. 

Acquire 2 Starters

When the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole to a 9 year $324 Million deal during the last offseason, Yankee fans believed that was the final piece needed. 2020’s shortened season sadly proved otherwise. New York would lose three starters from their rotation, Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, and JA Happ. And replacing three veteran starters is not going to be an easy feat. However, it must become a reality. In the previously mentioned video about how it’s now or never for the Yankees, we suggest a trade for Chicago Cubs’ starter, Kyle Hendricks. 

Trading for Hendricks would be a great start for the Yankees retooling their starting rotation. Hendricks would slot in behind Gerrit Cole and show a different style of pitcher than that of Cole. But the additions can not stop there. Bringing back a pitcher like Masahiro Tanaka gives the Yankees another quality and reliable starter into the fold. As the rotation stands now, youngsters Jordan Montgomery and Deivi Garcia are the only pitchers slotted to be available on Opening Day. Thus bringing in two veteran arms will help ease the burden of work on the two young pitchers. 

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