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10 Months To Go (Sealed with a Kiss)

Book Wedding Venue and Reception

Time is moving so fast I can’t believe it in 10 short months, I will be walking down the aisle. I found the venue that I really love. It also happens to be the first and only venue I went to see. I didn’t need to see anymore because I instantly knew it was the one. I did warn you that I am in awe of this place. I searched online a lot. And as soon as I saw the beautiful photos of Brigalias in Williamstown, I was sold. I quickly called and made an appointment.

I went with my mom while my fiancé was at work because I couldn’t wait. When I arrived, I was greeted by the owner herself, and she quickly grabbed the lady who was going to give us the tour. When I entered the first ballroom, I had all the feels. This place was amazing. We did the tour, and the first stop was the chapel, and it was everything I could dream of and more. A few days later, I came back to show my fiancé and dad the place and pay to save our date.

This is the smaller ballroom where you sign the paperwork.
 This is just the other side of that same room.
 This is the chapel that was $1,200 for 30 mins but so worth it.
 Brigalias has so many photo spots to choose from; it’s hard to narrow it down.

Booking Your Officiant

We asked Jeremy’s pastor from his church if he would marry us. And he said, “yes.” He’s basically seen my fiancé grow up, so I felt it just made sense to ask him.

Booking Your DJ

So when you start looking for a DJ, just know they charge more just because it’s a wedding as soon as you select “wedding” on the options, the price doubles. Some Of the DJs came with photo booths and props, and some don’t. Most of them started at $1,000. And I just couldn’t justify spending that much, so we went with a young local DJ. Now the DJ we selected didn’t have a photo booth but was willing to do it for $500. We used an app called thumbtack to find her. And you can easily message them, and they respond fast. Also, we read her reviews, and people had nothing but good things to say.

Booking Your Photographer

We are actually very blessed to know a photographer. Jeremy’s aunt takes photos and videos of many events. And as our wedding gift, she is taking photos of our wedding. She is also making us a photo album, and her work is beautiful.


When you pick Brigalias, it’s all included, and they say the food is amazing. You can pick the style you want the food served as a buffet or sit down. We decided on a sit-down meal. On the day of the wedding, they will ask each guest what they want and prepare it, so it’s fresh. You also pick all the food, and they provide you with a cake and tons of dessert. We decided to go with a middle package because there was so much food in the others and we didn’t want it to be wasted. Isn’t that awesome?


Brigalias does all the centerpieces, whatever color you want. So I only had to pick flowers for the party. I really didn’t want to go crazy with flowers. Because flowers are expensive. A friend of mine told me that Shoprite actually does bouquets for a reasonable price, so I had to check it out. I was looking for something simple with pink and white roses. And for the whole party, the cost came out to about $500, which is so much cheaper than the other floral places.

This is my inspiration bouquet. I love how simple it is but still elegant.
 This is the inspiration for the bridesmaids.

The Dress

This was when the book wanted me to start looking at dresses, but I actually purchased mine. Due to COVID, the wait time on the dresses is approximately 6 months. I went to a few bridal shops. I liked one at every shop, but in the end, I found mine. I would love to show you the dress, but that must be kept a secret till the day of the wedding. 🤐

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