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12 Months To-Go (Planning my Wedding)

So here we go, 12 months to go until the wedding. The day Jeremy and I got engaged, my future mother in law gave me a beautiful wedding planner. The planner is by Simply Wedding Planner, which is a must-have. (Check the link below.) The planner breaks down what needs to be done for each month. I found it very helpful and already use it regularly.

Announcing my News

I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. I texted my friends and family as soon as I could. My family took a lot of pictures and video. But they waited until we posted first before putting anything up. We posted pics and videos on Facebook and Instagram. And I changed my relationship status to engaged. Because is it really official if you don’t change your status? Soon after the post, we were flooded with congratulating messages.

Picking a date

We picked a date pretty fast. We were flexible with the date because COVID had most places booked. I called around, and some venues didn’t have any openings for almost two years. Ideally, I wanted a Saturday wedding in April 2021. But April didn’t have many days available. We ended up finding a venue with Thursday openings in August. So we would be engaged a full year, so we quickly decided on August 19.


My fiancé and I each spoke with our families and decided on a budget. We would split the most expensive cost (the venue) in three ways. This was a great help to us. We are truly blessed to have families that can help us. My grandparents wanted their wedding gift to be my dress. So the flowers and DJ would be our expense. So our budget is around $20,000.

Research and visit wedding and reception venues

So the first places I looked up were local. It was important to me that my grandparents have an easy arrival on the day of the wedding. I also wanted the place to have wheelchair access. I was looking for a cute church to have the ceremony, but I didn’t like the look of most of them. COVID also had churches closed, so it wasn’t easy to see them. The one church we liked never return our calls, so I had to keep looking.

Then Brigalias in Williamstown, New Jersey, popped up on the search. I pretty much fell in love with it right away. And quickly, an appointment was made, and I got a tour. They had chapels you could pick from in different styles. After the tour, I knew in my heart, “this is the place.”

Beauty of Brigalias

I wanted my wedding to happen at Brigalias. I kept thinking to myself that the pictures would be beautiful. I showed my fiancé, and we saved a date. Brigalias’ also handles the catering and the table centerpieces. You get a day of wedding planner who sets everything up for you. And they offered so much food. The ballroom looks like it belongs in a castle. They also let me have the biggest room for taking a Thursday. The employees are all very nice as well. This probably won’t be the last time you read about me gushing over this venue.

Picking the Wedding Party

I made my only sister my maid of honor. The rest of my bridesmaids consisted of friends and family, and I ended up with six girls all together. Jeremy asked his guys and had way more guys than girls, and it’s still a problem today. I’ll let you know when we figure that whole mess out.

Guestlist Take 1

This list probably changes all the time. We have a limit of 100 people, and we are always figuring out who stays and who has to go. Who do we like and who are we not liking at the moment.

What I learned so Far From Wedding Planning

  1. COVID is ruining my life with all the appointments.
  2. Don’t go by the prices you see online. Always call or go in person because they are always higher.
  3. Stay organized, or you will get overwhelmed quickly.
  4. Spend time with your family because if you’re like me and leaving the house, it’s a transition for you both. Xoxo

(Editorial Note: The 18th of each month will bring about another installment of the Sealed with a Kiss series. This series will also include some DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) and continue to recount the story of the upcoming Wedding.)

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