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Are the Yankees Back?

The 2020 season hasn’t been particularly kind to the New York Yankees. New York has faced many critical injuries and regression to many of its top players from 2019. And after dealing with a losing stretch unlike anything seen over the last few seasons, the Yankees’ have won five straight. The Yanks have also received mostly good news on the injury front. So in this article, we look to answer the question “Are the New York Yankees Back?”

Right Direction

The New York Yankee’s 2020 season hasn’t gone according to plan. It has been a season of shaky performances, injuries, and ineffectiveness. During the losing stretch, we chronicled many of the in-game struggles. Issues like Gerrit Cole’s home run problem or the entire team’s inability to get the big hit with runners in scoring position. Then the team seemed to lay the ultimate egg when the trading deadline came and went, and the Yankees did nothing. Yankee GM, Brian Cashman, would state the acquisition cost was too high. And in an already shortened season, trading top prospects for a three-week rental wasn’t a wise investment.

However, with winning comes clarity. And with winning comes the ability to examine. The Yankees did not make any trades at the deadline, but they will acquire a former MVP, a former Rookie of the Year, and an infield defensive wizard who’s now hitting. Yes, we are speaking about Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gio Urshela that should be returning to the Bronx by next weekend. Returning next weekend would give them about ten games or so to get ready for and push towards the postseason. We say all of that to say the Yankees are heading in the right direction.

Winning Brings Peace

Under a typical 162 game season, there are highs and lows. There are stretches when teams stumble and look lost. But in the shortened sixty game season, if a team struggled for too long, they would play themselves out of the postseason. And the New York Yankees nearly did precisely that. The Yanks started their slide in first and fell to eighth in the American League postseason race. Now New York is looking to reclaim a safer postseason spot as the second team in the AL East. Thus this positioning will (in theory) help them find a more straightforward path to the World Series.

As previously mentioned, winning brings clarity and the ability to examine the situation. Another trait that accompanies winning is peace. During the Yankees losing stretch, the team played tense, and it was evident. However, over this five-game winning streak, the Bronx Bombers are playing with the feeling of being the Yankees. Allow me to clarify, the New York Yankees are seemingly back to playing as if they know they are going to win, it’s just a matter of when not if they will win. This was made even more apparent with Gleyber Torres’ pinch-hit two-run double.

The Verdict is Pending

The question of whether or not the Yankees are back must still be debated. One thing that need not be discussed is that the Yankees have once again started playing winning baseball. They must also get and, more importantly, STAY HEALTHY if they are to be at their best for October. Health is the key for every team at this juncture of the season. But for the Yankees, they haven’t been at full strength all season.

Thus if the Bronx Bombers can get all of their sluggers healthy and swinging the bats at the right time, expect big things from the New York Yankees. But as we know, success in the Bronx is measured in one thing…GOLD. So for us to say that the Yankees are officially back, it must culminate with their 28th World Series Championship in franchise history and another ride through the Canyon of Heroes.

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