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Cashman Conveys Confidence; Yankees Stub Toe Again

The New York Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, would gather the team together yesterday. And the premise behind his meeting was to reassure all players they have a place on the 2020 Yankees. So let’s dive into what this meeting really means for the 2020 Yankees.

Press Story

As previously mentioned, Brian Cashman called the troops together to let them know that he believes in them, and they are all on the team for a reason. Cashman would back the team and believe in their abilities. Cash would also state that he doesn’t believe the Bronx Bombers are out of it, despite the month plus long struggle. Again, Brian would reiterate the post-trade deadline message that the other team’s costs were too high for the Yanks. And key guys that he believes in and wants to keep in New York would have been lost.

Underlying Message

Now the underlying message of Brian Cashman’s call to arms was reassurance during this time of uncertainty. So let’s play out this scenario, shall we? The New York Yankees paid Gerrit Cole $324 million for nine years. The Bombers also go into 2020 with not just World Series aspirations but, more importantly, the expectations. Should the Yankees falter in 2020, given the expectations, someone will be made the scapegoat. The question becomes, is it Brian Cashman or field manager, Aaron Boone?

Still Stumbling

Brian Cashman doesn’t usually address the team in the way that he did before yesterday’s game. During the broadcast, Michael Kay would bring up the same scenario in Atlanta back in 2009. In that game, the Yankees would be stymied during the first five innings. After which time, then-manager Joe Girardi would get ejected, and it would seemingly wake the Yankees up. 

Last night the Yankees had an opportunity to turn the tide and start heading in the right direction. And almost, in the same way, the Yanks were stymied for the first half of the game. However, unlike in 2009, Yankee manager Aaron Boone stayed stoic on the top step, and the Bronx Bombers stubbed their toe and lost the game 2-1. Throughout this overall losing effort, a staple of the Yanks has been the inability to get the big hit, which is something of a calling card for Yankee teams firing on all cylinders. 

What Happens Now?

What happens now? That is a worthwhile question that doesn’t have a clear cut answer. The Yankees currently find themselves occupying the eighth seat in the playoffs. But they are simply a mere half-game ahead of the under .500 Baltimore Orioles. If you asked any Yankee fan what spot in the postseason seating the Yankees would be competing for, it would have been first. Never in a million years would the thought have been the last spot. And even less that the teams they would be fighting off are the Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and Seattle Mariners

The New York Yankees have “no kick coming” as their inability has brought their woes on. The inability to get the big hit with runners in scoring position. Their inability to capitalize on the other team’s mistake. An inability to add on runs and stop the opponent from scoring. The staple of this team was their bullpen, and even that has been questionable at best. The Yankees must find that drive to succeed or find themselves one of MLB history’s biggest busts. 

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