MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Mets 9/3/2020

The New York Yankees continued their March towards October with a makeup game against the New York Mets. So we continue to bring out three takeaways from the game.

Takeaway #1: Pitching Problems

After a mediocre start from JA Happ, in which he only pitched four innings, the Yankees turned to the bullpen. The first two men out, Adam Ottavino and Chad Green, completed their tasks. However, that’s when the problems began as each subsequent reliever would give up at least one run. Zach Britton, Aroldis Chapman, and Albert Abreu would give up five runs and lose the game.

The Yankees have been on a downward spiral for about a month now. And for the Yanks, if they have any hopes of rebounding and winning the AL East, they will need to change course. New York will need to have a strong performance in the doubleheader Friday against Baltimore.

Takeaway #2: Still Missing Opportunities

The New York Yankees have struggled this season with capitalizing on scoring opportunities. When runners finally reach scoring position, that Bronx Bombers haven’t been able to secure the big hit. During the makeup game with the Mets, the Yankees left eleven men on base. During this game, the Yankees finally had a game where they score quite a bit. But ultimately, the left of base count would haunt the Yankees. As the season has progressed, the Yankees ability to score has dwindled. The injuries to significant players have left the Yankees scrambling to score and subsequently win games.

Takeaway #3: It’s Feeling like 2013

Watching the New York Yankees playing games right now feels akin to the 2013 team. The 2013 New York Yankees were a team plagued by injuries and who struggled to win games finishing with an 85-77 record. And while the 2020 Yankees won’t play that many games, they are producing the same uneasy feeling. The feeling in the air of Yankees games presently is almost like they are waiting to make a mistake. When teams are trying to play perfect baseball, they falter, and the Yankees have misstepped.

The current version of the Bronx Bombers is capable of reaching the maximum level of success. But it will take a turn around being tonight with the doubleheader against the Orioles. 

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