MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Rays Season Finale

The New York Yankees would play the final game of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Rays. And given the elevated tensions because of yesterday’s contest, this was an interesting game to watch. (Well, at least before the game.) So we continue our coverage of the season with three takeaways.

Takeaway #1: Monty Got Mashed

The Yankees and Rays were both looking to come out and make a statement to one another following last night’s debacle. However, sadly for Yankee fans, the Rays would sting Jordan Montgomery for four runs and knock Monty out after just two outs. To this point in the season, Monty had been pitching well. But tonight, Jordan would see his ERA rise to 5.76. The Yankee starters haven’t exactly pitched as expected going into 2020. And while Monty was only given mild expectations, tonight’s game was still a far cry from what was anticipated.

Takeaway #2: Clint Needs to Play Every DAY!!!

The New York Yankees find themselves, like many teams, facing a plethora of injuries. Injuries can provide opportunities for some fringe players; it also gives chances for players who have been blocked. Players like Clint Frazier have deserved an opportunity to be an every day Major Leaguer. But despite clearly deserving the chance, Frazier has been overlooked for veteran Brett Gardner.

Now let me be clear; I love Brett Garnder and feel that he has a valuable place on this Yankee team. However, Clint Frazier possesses the type of talent that is capable of being game-changing. We’ve heard many times about Frazier’s lightning-quick bat, and we would see it on an inside pitch pulled for a fair/foul pole homer. It’s been time for Yankee brass to permanently put Frazier’s name in the lineup but better late than never.

Takeaway #3: Life-Less Offense

What we have seen from the New York Yankees is a very disturbing trend. A trend of lifelessness has plagued the Bronx Bombers for nearly a month. Since the initial injuries to Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and others, the Yankee offense has been unable to generate momentum. The Yankees want to win their 28th World Series Championship this season and will need to change tactics and pivot back towards a run-scoring strategy or find themselves sitting home in October.

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