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3 Takeaways from Yankees Game 3 of Subway Series

The New York Yankees continued their season with the third of five games against the New York Mets. Thus we continue to recap the Yankees season with three takeaways.

Takeaway #1: Stuff HAPP-ens

In today’s start, JA Happ would pitch the most outstanding performance of his Yankee career. JA Happ would pitch 7.1 superb innings striking out five Mets and surrendering just three hits, and no one walks. JA Happ was a man pitching with a huge chip on his left shoulder. Happ has been slightly vocal about how he is being used. (Or in reality how he’s not being used.) This start for JA was critical for himself and the Yankees during their seven-game losing streak. The Yankees needed a big start with this game being sandwiched between doubleheaders. And JA Happ delivered everything the Bronx Bombers could have asked.

Takeaway #2: Bullpen Blows It Again

Following the most brilliantly pitched game by JA Happ in a Yankee uniform, Adam Ottavino was brought in to close out the eighth. However, the first batter Ottavino faced off against was Wilson Ramos, Ramos, hit a foul pole homer. That home run would tie the game and erase a magnificent start from Happ. The Yankees bullpen was considered to be its strongest asset. Yet over the course of two weeks, the asset has depleted and become a liability. With the trade deadline a mere couple of days away, the Yankees will need to make some decisions quickly to refortify a weakened strength.

Takeaway #3: Thank You, Clint Frazier & Luke Voit

Over the course of the seven-game losing streak and honestly prior to that, only two players in the Yankees lineup have held their own, Clint Frazier and Luke Voit. And during today’s 2-1 walk-off victory, both Frazier and Voit’s presences were critical. Voit’s first-inning home run and Clint’s key walk and subsequent scoring on a wild pitch were the difference makers.

Many Yankee fans have been clamoring for Clint Frazier to FINALLY be allowed that he has earner (several times over might I add) to get a starting position. And even when players like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton return, Frazier’s name needs to be penciled into the lineup daily. Luke Voit has cemented his place in the Yankee lineup, and Boone needs to keep it that way.

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