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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Red Sox Series Finale

The New York Yankees would finalize the four-game set with the Boston Red Sox. So we continue to recap the Yankee season with three big takeaways from the series finale.

Takeaway #1: Luke Voit Big Bombs

The New York Yankees have been receiving tremendous production from the first base position. We have chronicled on a few entries of this recap series about Mike Ford‘s stellar play. And now Luke Voit has put his stamp on the Yankee season. Tonight, Voit would hit two mammoth homeruns and give the Yankees the advantage. Since his acquisition, Luke Voit has been extremely vital to the New York Yankees. What he’s been able to do in the equivalent of one season’s worth of work is remarkable. The two homeruns in tonight’s game gives avoid a total of seven for the season and 15 RBIs. With Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton down, players like Luke Voit will have to carry the Yankees , and tonight was an incredible showing.

Takeaway #2: Strong Start from Monty

Now in back to back outings, Jordan Montgomery was dealing on the mound for the Bronx Bombers. Monty would display his best fastball since “Summer Camp” during this contest. Sadly, Monty’s brilliant work in 3.2 innings was cut short because of rain and a two hour and twenty-minute rain delay. If not for the storm, Monty would have undoubtedly pitched long enough to qualify for the “pitcher win.” Jordan Montgomery is going to be a critical factor in the Yankees success for 2020 as they look to capture their twenty-eighth World Series Championship.

Takeaway #3: Beatdown of BeanTown?!

In this four-game set, there was a strange feeling that has not been a part of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry in quite some time. The atmosphere was a sense of complete domination and overpowering. New York would sweep the four-game set against Boston and outscore the Red Sox 31-13. And even though the last two games were won by two and three runs respectively, the games did not feel that close.

Sure, you might say that my opinion is bias, and you may be accurate in that assessment. However, you can see the Red Sox were outmatched and outgunned. Boston is currently fighting the Pittsburgh Pirates for the worst record in MLB this season. The trade deadline is 13 days away, Boston will be actively selling to reinforce their depleted farm system.

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