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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Red Sox 8/16/2020

The New York Yankees continued their 2020 season with another game against the Boston Red Sox. So the 2020 season recap continues with three takeaways from the Yankees versus Red Sox series third act.

Takeaway #1: Next Man Up in 2020?

The New York Yankees 2019 season was riddled with injuries. And herewith are just a few weeks into the season, and the Yankees have lost Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and now DJ LeMahieu. Repeating the incredibly difficult circumstances from the 2019 season would cause two very distinct but equally arduous problems for the Yankees. First, when dealing with the sheer number of injuries to significant players, the Yankees will have difficulty finding ways to replace the production. And secondly, facing the same circumstances as last season with the consistent “Next Man Up” mentality takes a toll on a team. The Bronx Bombers’ goal is to win the World Series, and in order to do that, they will need their superstars healthy and productive. 

Takeaway #2: Mike Ford Makes Play for More Play

The New York Yankees are incredibly fortunate when it comes to first base as the Yanks possess both Luke Voit (righty-batter) and Mike Ford (lefty-batter). Having power hitters with discipline and a good eye at the plate is a blessing. However, it becomes something more when you have the ability to platoon and not lose anything offensively. Now, while Ford’s batting average may not jump out as anything worth noting, Ford gives the Yankees alternatives. Mike Ford would hit his second homerun of 2020 and would drive in his eighth, ninth, and tenth RBIs. With Giancarlo Stanton currently on the IL, Mike Ford has been stepping up in his absence to produce. 

Takeaway #3: JA Happ Turning the Corner

Through the first few starts of the season, JA Happ had been struggling. Fastball control is a vital key to Happ’s success. When JA can location his fastball up in the zone, he is able to keep the opposing hitters off-balance. And the Sunday night game against Boston is where we finally saw Happ pitching as one would expect. In 5.2 innings of work, JA would only allow one run on three hits. The Yankees will need Happ to continue pitching in this manner, especially given the shortened season. And if the Yankee starter keeps pitching this effectively, the Bronx Bombers will be able to complete their mission, “Win Everything!” 

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