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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Red Sox 8/15/2020

The New York Yankees season continued tonight against the Boston Red Sox. So we continue our season recap with the three biggest takeaways from tonight’s contest with the BoSox.

Takeaway #1: DJ LeMahieu Got Hurt???

Tonight we would see another prominent Yankee be taken out of the game. DJ LeMahieu, the hottest hitter for the Yankees with Aaron Judge on the IL, would take a swing in the fourth inning and grimace in pain. DJ would swing and on the backswing release the grip on his bottom hand. LeMahieu would be in obvious pain and checked on by the trainer. However, DJ would remain in the game to finished the at-bat and to play the bottom of the fourth and fifth innings. However, in the sixth, DJ would be replaced by Tyler Wade. The Yankees can ill-afford to lose DJ LeMahieu with Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. We will have to wait and see what the diagnosis is after the MRI.

Takeaway #2: Clint Frazier Is Here to STAY!!!

The Yankees are once again dealing with more injuries, which opens the door for other players. It opens the door for players like Clint Frazier, and Frazier is taking full advantage. Frazier has only played in three games so far, and there are only eleven at-bats to speak of, however, in those eleven at-bats, Frazier has seven hits, and two of those hits are homeruns. Clint Frazier is making his case to remain with the Major League roster even when Judge and Stanton return.

Takeaway #3: Bronx Bombers Keep Winning

While the Bronx Bombers suffered a minor hiccup down in Tampa over the weekend, they have rebounded nicely. This week the Yankees swept the Atlanta Braves in two games (8/11-8/12.) And have taken the first two against the Red Sox. The New York Yankees have one goal, one mission, and Gleyber made it clear, that mission is “Win Everything.” And the Bronx Bombers continue down that winning path with an 11-5 victory tonight.

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