MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees 12th Game of 2020

The New York Yankees once again found themselves in Philadelphia, taking on the Phillies. Tonight’s game wouldn’t go the Yankees way, but we can examine the game and take away a few things. So we continue with our three biggest takeaways from the Yankees 12th game of the 2020 season.

Takeaway #1: Gary Sanchez Makes Some Noise

While by no means was tonight a perfect night for Gary Sanchez, the Kraken would make some noise. With a two-run homerun in the top of the seventh inning, Gary Sanchez would bring the Yankees within one run of tying the Phillies. One merely needs to look at Gary’s putrid slashline of .097/.176/.226 to know this shortened season has started in Gary’s favor. But by hitting a homerun tonight, Sanchez may be able to break free of the pressure. Releasing that pressure of the shoulders of Sanchez can now allow the Yankee backstop to deliver performances closer to his career norms.

Takeaway #2: Monty Struggles 

It may only be the second start of the young campaign, but the entire season is merely a young campaign. Jordan Montgomery is a valuable asset for the New York Yankees in the starting rotation. Monty is usually a guy that will keep the Yankees in the game, and while not pretty, Jordan allowed the Yankees to battle into the game. The final score would be 5-4 in favor of Philadelphia. Jordan would pitch just four innings while allowing six hits and all five runs. Montgomery is still a young pitcher that is developing but has the potential to be another Andy Pettitte. Jordan Montgomery will be able to learn from this outing and use it to fuel his next start.

Takeaway #3: Left on Base

One aspect that often gets overlooked in the “three true outcomes” baseball society that we live in is that runners are left on base a lot. During this game, the Yankees would leave seven men stranded on base. The Bronx Bombers would also strike out ten times, but that’s another issue entirely. The reason the Yankees weren’t able to defeat Philadelphia was that they left more men on base than the Phillies. While the Yanks would have a better percentage with runners in scoring position (.286) over the Phillies (.250), the Bombers would leave an extra base runner on base. And although one runner may not seem like a lot, it could have meant the difference in the game. New York will look to rebound tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Rays in St Pete.

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